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Davud Mohammadpur

Shahrzad Azizi, Davud Mohammadpur
Searchable Encrypted String for Query Support on Different Encrypted Data Types

Data encryption, particularly application-level data encryption, is a common solution to protect data confidentiality and deal with security threats. Application-level encryption is a process in which data is encrypted before being sent to the database. However, cryptography transforms data and makes the query difficult to execute. Various studies have been carried out to find ways in order to implement a searchable encrypted database. In the current paper, we provide a new encrypting method and querying on encrypted data (ZSDB) for different data types. It is worth mentioning that the proposed method is based on secret sharing. ZSDB provides data confidentiality by dividing sensitive data into two parts and using the additional server as Dictionary Server. In addition, it supports required operations on various types of data, especially LIKE operator functioning on string data type. ZSDB dedicates the largest volume of execution tasks on queries to the server. Therefore, the data owner only needs to encrypt and decrypt data.



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