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Hamid Nadjari

Hadi Movahedinejad, Hamid Nadjari
Temperature Variations of Gold Nanoparticle and Dynamics of Plasmonic Bubble in Water Under Nanosecond Pulsed Laser
تغییرات دمایی نانو ذرات طلا در آب و دینامیک حباب های پلاسمونی تحت تپ لیزری نانو ثانیه

Suspended gold nanoparticle in water medium starts to warm up under nanosecond laser irradiation and creates a bubble around itself. The present study aims at evaluating the amount of nanoparticle size reduction at boiling temperature, the temperature variations of the nanoparticle, and its medium and finally the bubble formation moment. To this aim, Mie theory was used to calculate the absorption cross section of the nanoparticle in proximity of the bubble. Heat transfer equations were applied to determine the temperature of the nanoparticle and water. In addition, hydrodynamic equations were initiated to evaluate the expansion of the bubble. Then, these three groups of equations were coupled together and solved numerically. Based on the results, the bubble forms at the critical pressure and consequently due to the slow bubble velocity, temperature gradient in the medium is observed. Further, slight pulse width variations play a significant role on the nanoparticle temperature. The calculation of the nanoparticle heating associated with the creation of the bubble helps in controlling nanoparticle size and understanding the nanoscale heat transfer processes.



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