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Hossein Farahani

محمد طاهرخانی، حسین فراهانی
Evaluating and Prioritizing Urban Tourism Capabilities in Qazvin
ارزیابی و اولویت بندی توانمندی های گردشگری شهری در قزوین

Abstract Tourism is the driving force behind economic development. This industry is the most incredible and widespread service industry in the world in terms of economic, social, cultural and political affairs. The garden of Qazvin city from the historic cities and a hundered years old Iranian capital of the Safavid era as the center of the province with unique monuments (works of the Sassanid to Pahlavi periods), the cultural (calligraphic capital of Iran) and natural (Alamut area with geotouristic capabilities) Is a beautiful and tourism city in our country. The aim of this research is to evaluate the tourism sites of Qazvin city using urban tourism criteria for introducing tourism markets. The research methodology is a descriptive-analytical type that, after the preliminary studies of thirteen sites based on selected criteria, is selected through eleven tourism criteria, including distance from communication routes, hotels, urban squares, community spaces, terminals, number of tourists, The variety of attractions, the level of attractiveness, the level of advertising and services, the number of points of view and the difference of vision, was evaluated. These criteria were weighed through the AHP hierarchy method and, in combination with the information of each site, for each criterion, was determined by the Copras decision method and the final value of each site. The results of the research showed that the sites, the Chehelsotun Museum Palace, Saad al-Saltanah Palace, Head on top of the Qapo, Atiq Jamaat Mosque are the best and most prestigious sites in the planning process. Keywords Qazvin Urban Tourism AHP method



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