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Majtaba Nasiri

Atousa Khalilizade, Ebrahim Madadi, Mojtaba Nasiri
پاسخ مگنتواپتیکی نانوذرات بیضیگون پَخت و کشیده نقره
Magneto-optical response of oblate and prolate spheroidal nanoparticles of silver

Silver nanoparticles are important in technological and medical applications. The geometrical tuning of the magneto-optical property of these nanoparticles is interesting. As a result of localized surface plasmon resonance of these nanoparticlesin the visible and near-infrared, a large circular dichroism is appeared close to surface plasmon resonance. In this paper, the circular dichroism of oblate and prolate spheroidal nanoparticles in the presence of a static magnetic field is studied. A large redshift is observed in the circular dichroism spectrum of the dimer of oblate spheroids. Also, the magnitude of circular dichroism in an asymmetric configuration of the dimer is observed in comparison to the circular dichroism of the dimer of the same volume spherical nanoparticles, which shows the measurements are very easier. 



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