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Ali Shams

Safari, P. and Shams, A.
Studying the effect of rural people  knowledge on their behavior about final agricultural waste disposal (Case study: Qazvin Township)

The purpose of this descriptive-survey study was to investigate the agricultural waste disposal behaviors of rural households and the effect of their knowledge on these behaviors in Qazvin Township. The target population consisted all rural households in Qazvin Township (N=31338) which 217 of them as sample were selected based on Cochran sampling formula and multi-stage randomized sampling method. The research tool was a questionnaire developed by investigators. Its content and face validity verified by an expert panel in this field. A pilot test was conducted to determine the reliability of the questionnaire. Chronbach s Alpha was estimated 0.75. The results showed that the majority of rural peoples had an average level of waste management knowledge. There were 15 different final agricultural waste disposal behaviors by rural households, which most of these behaviors were economically and environmentally undesirable. The Kruskal-Wallis analysis revealed that rural peoples knowledge effect on final agricultural waste disposal behavior was meaningful. Based on the findings, educational and extensional programs regarding effective management of agricultural waste should be designed and extended.



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