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Amir Hossein Darooneh

Publications in Journals

International ISC42.  A. H. Ghaderi, M. Nazari and A. H. Darooneh
Time estimation, beta waves and internal clock: a study via mindfulness
Advances in Cognitive Science Vol. 19 Issue 4 (2018PP. 1-9. 
International ISI41.  N. Lotfi, A. H. Darooneh and F. A. Rodrigues
Centrality in earthquake multiplex networks
Chaos Vol. 28 (2018)  DOI: 10.1063/1.5001469. 
International ISI40.  A. H. Darooneh
Doing research under extreme conditions
Computing in Science & Engineering Vol. 20 Issue 3 (2018PP. 31-35 DOI: 10.1109/MCSE.2018.03202632. 
International ISI39.  E.Najafi and A. H. Darooneh
A New Universality Class in Corpus of Texts; A Statistical Physics Study
Physics Letters A Vol. 382 (2018PP. 1140-1148 DOI: 10.1016/j.physleta.2018.03.003. 
International ISI38.  N. Lotfi, F. A. Rodrigues and A. H. Darooneh
The role of community structure on the nature of explosive synchronization
Chaos Vol. 28 (2018)  DOI: 10.1063/1.5005616. 
International ISI37.  S. Rezaei, H. Moghaddasi and A. H. Darooneh
Preferential Attachment in Evolutionary Earthquake Networks
Physica A Vol. 495 (2018PP. 172-179 DOI: 10.1016/j.physa.2017.12.063. 
International ISI36.  S. Farhang-Sardroodie, A. H. Darooneh, M. Nikbakht, N. L. Komarova and M. Kohandel
The effect of randomness on the average fixation time of mutants 
.PLoS Comput. Biol Vol. 13 Issue 11 (2017)  DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1005864. 
International ISC35.  A. H. Ghaderi, M. Nazari, H. Shahrokhi and A. H. Darooneh
Functional brain connectivity differences between ADHD presentations: Impaired functional segregation in ADHD-combined presentation but not in ADHD-inattentive presentation
Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Vol. 8 Issue 4 (2017PP. 267-278. 
International ISI34.  E. Najafi and A.H. Darooneh
Long range dependence in texts: A method for quantifying coherence of text
Knowledge-Based Systems Vol. 133 (2017PP. 33-42 DOI: 10.1016/j.knosys.2017.06.032. 
International ISI33.  A. Mahdipour-Shirayeh, A. H. Darooneh, A. D. Long, N. L. Komarova and M. Kohandel
Genotype by random environmental interactions gives an advantage to non-favored minor alleles
Scientific Reports Vol. 7 (2017P. 5193 DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-05375-0. 
International ISI32.  S. Mollaei and A. H. Darooneh
Spreading, fingering instability and shrinking of a hydrosoluble surfactant on water
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science Vol. 86 (2017PP. 98-101 DOI: 10.1016/j.expthermflusci.2017.04.005. 
International-ISI31.  Elham Najafi, Amir H. Darooneh
The Fractal Patterns of Words in a Text: A Method for Automatic Keyword Extraction
PLoS ONE Issue e0130617-18 (2015P. 25 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI30.  Hanieh Moghaddasi, Khosrow Khalifeh & Amir Hossein Darooneh
Distinguishing Functional DNA Words; A Method for Measuring Clustering Levels
Scientific report Issue 41543-8 (2017PP. 41543-26 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI29.  Soghra Rezaei , Amir Hossein Darooneh, Nastaran Lotfi, Nazila Asaadi
The earthquakes network: Retrieving the empirical seismological laws
Physica A Issue 87 (2016PP. 80-25 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI28.  Hadi Kashisaz and Amir H. Darooneh
The influence of society’s mesoscopic structure on the rate of epidemic spreading
Chaos Issue  063114-6 (2016PP. 63114-26 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI27.  Fatemeh Khastehdel Fumani,  Somayyeh Nemati, Saeed Mahdavifar c , Amir Hosein Darooneh
Magnetic entanglement in spin-1/2 XY chains
Physica A Issue 263 (2015PP. 256-24 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International ISI26.  N. Lotfi and A.H. Darooneh
Active and Passive Faults Detection by Using the Page Rank Algorithm
Europhysics Letter Vol. 107 (2014)  DOI: 10.1209/0295-5075/107/49001. 
International-ISI25.  A. H. Darooneh, A. Shariati
Metrics for evaluation of the author's writing styles: who is the best?
Chaos  Accepted 2014.  
International-ISI24.  H. Kashisaz, S. S. Hosseini and  A. H. Darooneh
The effect of zealots on the rate of consensus achievement in complex networks
Physica A Issue 57 (2014PP. 49-25 DOI: 1. 
International-ISI23.  Nastaran Lotfi, Amir H. Darooneh
Nonextensivity measure for earthquake networks
Physica A Issue 3061 (2013PP. 3065-25 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI22.  Parvin Sadeghi, Siamak Khademi, and Amir H. Darooneh
Tsallis entropy in phase-space quantum mechanics
Phys. Rev. A Issue 012119 (2012PP. 8-25.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI21.  Somaye Karimi, Amir H. Darooneh
Measuring persistence in a stationary time series using the complex network theory
Physica A Issue 287 (2013PP. 293-26.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI20.  A. H. GHADERI and A. H. DAROONEH
International Journal of Modern Physics C Issue 1250008 (2012PP. 10-25.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI19.  N. Lotfi and A.H. Darooneh
The earthquakes network: the role of cell size
Eur. Phys. J. B Issue 23 (2012PP. 4-25.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI18.  Ali Mehri, Amir H. Darooneh, Ashrafalsadat Shariati
The complex networks approach for authorship attribution of books
Physica A Issue 2429 (2012PP. 2437-25.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI17.  Ali A. Hakami Zanjani and Amir H. Darooneh
Finding communities in linear time by developing the seeds
Phys. Rev. E Issue 036109 (2011PP. 6-25.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI16.  Ali Mehri, Amir H. Darooneh
The role of entropy in word ranking
Physica A Issue 3157 (2011PP. 3163-25.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI15.  Ali Mehri and Amir H. Darooneh
Keyword extraction by nonextensivity measure
Phys. Rev. E Issue 056106 (2011PP. 6-25.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI14.  Amir Hossein Darooneh, Ghassem Naeimi, Ali Mehri and Parvin Sadeghi
Tsallis Entropy, Escort Probability and the Incomplete Information Theory
Entropy Issue 2497 (2010PP. 2503-25.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI13.  Amir H. Darooneh, Ali Mehri
A nonextensive modification of the Gutenberg–Richter law: q-stretched exponential form
Physica A Issue 509 (2010PP. 514-25.  [Abstract ]
International12.  Hadi Shiravi, Mohammad Mahmoudi, and Amir Hossein Darooneh
Analysis of Optical Cavities in the Presence of Negative Refractive Index Materials
Optical Memory and Neural Networks (Information Optics)  Accepted 2009.   [Abstract ]
International-ISI11.  A.H. Darooneh and B. Rahmani
Finite size correction for fixed word length Zipf analysis
Eur. Phys. J. B Issue 287 (2009PP. 291-26.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI10.  Amir H. Darooneh and  Cyruse Dadashinia
Analysis of the spatial and temporal distributions between successive earthquakes: Nonextensive statistical mechanics viewpoint
Physica A Issue 3647 (2008PP. 3654-25.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI9.  Amir H. Darooneh
Insurance pricing in small size markets
Physica A Issue 411 (2007PP. 417-25.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI8.  M.E. Fouladvand and A.H. Darooneh
Statistical analysis of floating-car data: an empirical study
Eur. Phys. J. B Issue 319 (2005PP. 328-26.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI7.  Amir H. Darooneh
Utility Function from Maximum Entropy Principle
Entropy Issue 18 (2006PP. 24-25.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI6.  A.H. Darooneh
Non-life insurance pricing: multi-agent model
Eur. Phys. J. B Issue 119 (2004PP. 122-25.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI5.  Amir H. Darooneh
Physical Premium Principle: A New Way for Insurance Pricing
Entropy Issue 97 (2005PP. 107-26.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI4.  AMIR H. DAROONEH
nternational Journal of Modern Physics C (2005P. 26.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI3.  M. E. FOULADVAND and A. H. DAROONEH
International Journal of Modern Physics C  Accepted 2005.   [Abstract ]
International-ISI2.  Amir H. Darooneh and M. Modarres
New look at the Lanczos method in the lattice gauge model
Eur. Phys. J. C Issue 169 (2000PP. 172-25.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI1.  Amir H. Darooneh and M. Modarres
LOCV approach to U(1) Hamiltonian lattice gauge theory
J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. Issue 1139 (2000PP. 1148-25.  [Abstract ]



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