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Bahman Farajmand

Publications in Journals

International-ISI4.  M Saraji, B Farajmand
Chemically modified cellulose paper as a thin film microextraction phase
Journal of Chromatography A Issue 24 (2013P. 30. 
International-ISI3.  M Saraji, B Farajmand
Microporous silica with nanolayer structure coated with renewable organic solvent film as a novel extracting phase: A combination of solid-and liquid-phase microextraction
Analytica chimica acta Issue 61 (2012P. 67. 
International-ISI2.  M Saraji, B Farajmand, AA Ensafi, AR Allafchian, ZM Zare
Combined hollow fiber-based liquid–liquid–liquid microextraction and in-situ differential pulse voltammetry to improve selectivity, sensitivity, and interference elimination in electrochemical analysis
Talanta Issue 82 (2010PP. 1588-1593. 
International-ISI1.  M Saraji, B Farajmand
Application of single-drop microextraction combined with in-microvial derivatization for determination of acidic herbicides in water samples by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry
Journal of Chromatography A Issue 17 (2008P. 23 DOI: 1. 



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