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AghaAli Ghasemnian

Publications in Journals

داخلي-غير ISC24.  Agha Ali Ghasemnian 1 Samaneh Hadi 2
Weight changes, serum anti-anxiety hormone, and the enzymatic activity of anti-oxidant enzyme of the skeletal muscle in male Wistar rats in response to an L-arginine supplementation with a period endurance training
Weight changes, serum anti-anxiety hormone, and the enzymatic activity of anti-oxidant enzyme of the skeletal muscle in male Wistar rats in response to an L-arginine supplementation with a period endurance training Vol. 5 Issue : 2282-2383 (2019PP. 84-94. 
International ISC23.  Aghaali Ghasemnian1*, Ahdeyeh Parvizi2
The Effect of Three Months of Zinc-Magnesium Supplementation along with Intense Endurance Training on Somatomedin C and Endurance Performance in Mature Female Rats
Qom Univ Med Sci J 2018 April (2018) .  [Abstract ]
International ISC22.  Mosavi SK (M.Sc)*1, Hashemi Taklimi M (M.Sc)2 Barati AH (Ph.D)3, Ghasemnian A (Ph.D)4
Knee joint muscles activity during single leg drop landing from different heights among men with genu varum and men with normal knee
Journal of Gorgan University of Medical Sciences / 78 Autumn (2016) .  [Abstract ]
International ISC21.  Parvizi A1, Ghasemnian A2*, Rahmani A 3
Effect of 12 weeks aerobic exercise for along with folic acid supplementation on the levels of the ghrelin hormone, amount of food intake and weight changes of female Wistar rats
Armaghane-danesh, Yasuj University of Original Article Medical Sciences Journal (YUMSJ) (2016) .  [Abstract ]
International ISC20.  Mosavi SK (M.Sc)1, Ahmadkhani J (M.Sc)*2, Ghasemnian A (Ph.D)3
Comparison of postural position and body mass index in elementary male students in public and private elementary schools
Journal of Gorgan University of Medical Sciences (2016) .  [Abstract ]
International ISC19.  Ghasemnian A (PhD), Moghadam A (Msc), Azad A (PhD)
The effect of two tapering strategies on Anabolic to catabolic hormone ratio and performance in young male swimmers
Nurse and Physician Within War (2017) .  [Abstract ]
International ISC18.  Ghayebloo B, Ghasemnian AA*, Azad A
The effect of two weeks Morning and Afternoon Special Training Program on Performance and Plasma levels of IL-17 and Cortisol in Wushu Athletes
Armaghane-danesh, Yasuj University of Medical Sciences Journal (YUMSJ) (2015) .  [Abstract ]
International ISC17.  Aghaali Ghasemnian1*, Elmira Normohamadi2, Ahmad Azad
The Effect of a Period of Resistance Training on Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Agility, and Speed in Disabled Female Athletes
Qom Univ Med Sci Vol. 11(5):29-3 (2017) .  [Abstract ]
داخلي-غير ISC16.  ali moghaddam؛ aghaali ghasemniyan؛ ahmad azad؛ behzad ghayeblou
Compare the effect of two-stage tapering and gradual tapering on serum lactate, testosterone and cortisol in male athletes
Summer and Autumn (2015) .  [Abstract ]
International ISC15.  Ahmad Azad,1,* Rasoul Parsa,2 and Aghaali Ghasemnian2
Lack of Effect of Choline Supplement on Inflammation, Muscle Endurance and Injury Indices, and Shooting Accuracy Following Simulated Army Ranger Operation
J Arch Mil Med (2017) .  [Abstract ]
International ISC14.  Aghaali Ghasemnian Dr , Elmira Normohamadi Mrs, Ahmad Azad
Study the changes of insulin-like growth factor -1 (IGF-I), cortisol and female wheelchair basketball players performance after 8 weeks upper body strength training
J Urmia Univ Med Sci (2017) .  [Abstract ]
International ISC13.  Mozhgan Usefpor 1, Agha Ali Ghasemnian Dr 2, Ahmad Rahmani Dr3
The Effect of a period of high intensive interval training on total antioxidant capacity and level of liver tissue malondialdehyde in male Wistar rats
Scientific Journal of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences Vol. 22(5): 103 (2017) .  [Abstract ]
International ISC12.  Reza Shabani , Agha Ali Ghasemnian Dr 1
.The effect of two weeks Synchronized training with testing on inflammatory markers and strength performance in male athletes
Scientific Journal of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences 2016 (2016) .  [Abstract ]
International ISC11.  Ali Gorzi Dr , Hamid Rajabi Dr, Ahmad Azad Dr, Mahdie molanouri shamsi , Mehdi Hedayati Dr
Effect of Concurrent, Strength and Endurance Training on Hormones, Lipids and Inflammatory Characteristics of Untrained Men
Iranian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. 2012; 13 (6) :614-620 (2017) .  [Abstract ]
International10.  Effects of acute exercise on serum Leptin and some of its related hormones in
Effects of acute exercise on serum Leptin and some of its related hormones in
European Journal of Sports and Exercise Science Vol. 2 Issue 3 (2014PP. 16-20.  [Abstract ]
International ISC9.  Bahloul Ghorbanian , Aghali Ghasemnian
J Urmia Univ Med Sci 2015, 26(3): 227-236 (2014)  DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International ISC8.  آقاعلی قاسم نیان، محمدرضا کردی، عباسعلی گایینی، مهدی هدایتی، بهلول قربانیان
تغییرات ویسفاتین پلاسما و مقاومت به انسولین نوجوانان غیرورزشکاار دارای اضافه وزن و چاق در طول 8 هفته تمرینات استقامتی تناوبی طناب زنی
مجله علوم پزشکی زنجان شماره 11 (1393صفحات 21-15. 
International ISC7.  Ahga Ali Ghasemnian Dr 1, Bohlool Ghorbanian Dr2
The effects of 8 weeks interval combined exercises traning on risk factor of asthma, insulin resistance and some of the major physiological indices in overweight and obese adolescents
(Scientific Journal of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences 2014 (2013P. 15 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International6.  Bahloul Ghorbanian1*, Aliasghar Ravassi2, Mohamadreza kordi³, Mehdi Hedayati 4, Aghaali Ghasemnian5
The Effects of Eight Weeks Interval Endurance Robe Training on Lymphocyte ABCA1 Protein Expression , Plasma Apolipoprotein A-I and HDL-cin Overweight and Obese Boy Adolescents
EuropEAn Journal of Sports & Exercise Science (2012) .  [Abstract  ]
International ISC5.  Ghaeini A, Ghasemnian A A, Jalali Dehkordi K, Kazemi A, Fallahi A A.
Compare The response of plasma  TNFα، CRP,  IL-6 and leukocyte in immature overweight and normal boys to a single acute exercise
URMIA MEDICAL JOURNAL (2012) .  [Abstract ]
International4.  Aghaali Ghasemnian , Abasali Ghaeini Dr, Mohamadreza Kordi Dr, Mehdi Hedayati Dr, Mehran Rami Dr, Bouhlil Ghorbanian
Effect of  Interval  Endurance Training Program on plasma Eotaxin,Adiponectin Levels , Insulin resistance, Serum Lipid Profile and Body Composition in Overweight and Obese adolescents
J Urmia Univ Med Sci (2012) .  [Abstract ]
International ISC3.  Authors:Ghasemnian, AA; Ghaeini, A; Chobineh, s; Ghorbanian, b
  Effects of Acute Consumption of a Sport Drink on Athletic Performance in Student Athletes
Armaghane Danesh Bimonthly Journal, Volume 17, Number 4, 2012, pp. 299-308(10) (2012) .  [Abstract ]
International ISC2.  A Gaeini , A.A Ghasemnian , KH Dehkordi , A.R Kazemi , A.A Fallahi
The Comparison of the Effect a Single Acute Exercise on Plasma, CRP, TNFα and IL-6 Levels in Immature Obese and Normal-weight Boys
J Mazandaran Univ Med Sci Issue 72 (2011P. 78.  [Abstract ]
The Response of Some Immune and Inflammatory Markers of Cardiovascular Disease in Prepubertal Overweight Boys to a Single Intense Duration of Exercise Session
IRANIAN JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM (IJEM) NOVEMBER 2010 , Volume 12 , Number 4 (SN 52); Page(s) 418 To 426. Issue 418 (2010PP. 426-15.  [Abstract ]

Presentations in Seminars & Congress

National 6.  آقاعلی قاسم نیان
اثر مصرف کوتاه مدت یک نوشيدني انرژي¬زا بر عملكرد جسمي، ذهني و شاخص¬¬هاي قلبي دانشجویان پسر ورزشکار دانشگاه تهران
Effects of Acute Consumption of a Energy Drink on Physical  and Mental Performance and Cardiac index of Male Athlete Tehran University Students
سومین همایش ملی ورزش برای همه
دانشگاه آزاد واحد زنجان, زنجان-ایران, 5 ارديبهشت 1393.  [Abstract  ]
National 5.  قاسم نیان آقاعلی  ،  گائینی عباسعلی ، رحمانی احمد
بررسی تغییرات وزن، مقاومت انسولین، حداکثر اکسیژن مصرفی و برخی فاکتورهای فیزیولوژیکی نوجوانان نسبتا چاق در پاسخ به یک دوره تمرین استقامتی
Changes of body weight, insulin resistance, maximal oxygen uptake and Some of physiological factors in partly obese adolescents in response to endurance training
سومین همایش ملی ورزش برای همه
دانشگاه آزاد واحد زنجان, زنجان-ایران, 5 ارديبهشت 1393.  [Abstract  ]
National 4.  آقاعلی قاسم نیان 1، دکترعباسعلی گائینی 2، دکتر سیروس چوبینه 2، دکتر مهران رامی 3، فرهاد آذری 4
تاثير مصرف كوتاه مدت يك نوشیدنی ورزشي حاوي تورين، گلوكورنولاكتون، كافئين و كربوهيدرات بر عملكرد ورزشي  دانشجويان ورزشکار
دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد گرگان
ایران, 5 دي 1390.  
National 3.  دکتر عباسعلی گائینی 1، آقاعلی قاسم نیان 2، خسرو جلالی دهکردی 3، عبدالرضا کاظمی 4، علی اصغر فلاحی 2 فرهاد آذری 5، فاطمه جمشیدی گوهری
مقایسه اثر یک جلسه فعالیت ورزشی حاد بر برخی شاخص های التهابی و ایمنی بیماریهای قلبی – عروقی پسران چاق و معمولی نابالغ
دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد گرگان
ایران, 5 دي 1390.  [Abstract ]
National 2.  عبدالرضا کاظمی  ، آقاعلي قاسم نيان  ،حسن امير خسروي ، خسرو جلالی دهکردی ،علي اصغر فلاحي 
ارتباط بین تغییرات اینترلوکین 6، پروتئین واکنشی فاز حاد و لکوسیتها با آمادگی قلبی – تنفسی دختران 17 تا 20 ساله چاق و معمولی سالم
  Associations between change in IL-6,C-reactive protein and Leukocytes with Cardiovascular Fitness  in healthy obese and normal girles aged 17-20 years
دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی واحد لاهیجان
ایران, 10 آذر 1390.  [Abstract  ]
International 1.  Agha ali Ghasemnian *, Khosrow Jalali Dehkordi **, Abasali Ghaeini *** , serous chobeineh****, Ali jalali Dehkordi ***** fazllolah Fathollahi Shorabe
Effect of an sport drink on endurance, blood glucose, Heart Rate and RPE in male runners
12th International Scientific Conference "Sport Kinetics 2011" „The Present and Future of Researches on Science about Human Movement”
Lahestan, 20 - 22 January 2011.  [Abstract  ]



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