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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

Research Projectes

Project Title Responsibility Start Date End Date Kind of Project Commander Availibility
Create geographic information system for Department of Zanjan Education    LeaderMarch 2006September  2007Applied Zanjan Education office
Create GIS for Zanjan municipality    LeaderJanuary 2005March  2006Applied Zanjan municipality
Updating of 1:50000 map of Zanjan province using IRS satellite images   LeaderOctober 2005August  2006Applied Zanjan province office
Urban GIS project for the City of Zarinrood    LeaderDecember 2004July  2005Applied سازمان مدیریت استان زنجان
Integration of remote sensing data and geographic information system for assess human impact within the field of protecting Zanjan   LeaderNovember 2003July  2007Applied Zanjan University



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