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Jalal Saba

Research Projectes

Project Title Responsibility Start Date End Date Kind of Project Commander Availibility
Microsatelite polymorphism in pea (Pisum sativum L.)   ColleagueSeptember 2004September  2006AppliedZanjan university
Comparison of heritability of drought resistance indices and its related characteristics in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)   LeaderSeptember 2000September  2005AppliedNational Project
Evaluation of oilseed rape cultivars for drought resistance    LeaderSeptember 2003September  2006AppliedNational Project
Investigation on agricultural (agronomy and horticulture) problems of Zanjan province to improve efficiency of applied researches   LeaderSeptember 2005September  2007Applied-
Converjent cross for creation of source population for wheat breeding for drought resistance   LeaderSeptember 2002September  2007AppliedNational project
Evaluation of different wheat genotypes for drought resistance   LeaderSeptember 2006September  2007AppliedZanjan Research Center of Agriculture and National Resources



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