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Khadijeh Bagheri

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
17 seyed mohamad hosseini December  2010biotechnology Design and preparation construct include of KDEL, MAR, Signal Sequence for increasing GUS reporter gene expression in seed    SuperVisor
16 Mahsa mekanik April  2011Biotechnology Preparation of construct contain OMEGA and SAR sequences in order to enhance expression of GUS reporter gene in seed   SuperVisor
15 Saber asgharzadeh June  2011Biotechnology Transformation of tobacco with a construct contaning human gamma interferon and analysis of transgenic plants    SuperVisor
14 Hadi Sahraei June  2012Biotechnology Determination of INFγ and nptII transgene’s copy number in transgenic tobacco plants using Real-Time PCR   SuperVisor
13 Farangis amirlo July  2012biotechnology Investigation of cellulase enzyme variation in gamma_ray induced mutants of some isolates of Trichoderm species at protein level   SuperVisor
12 Mohammad reza ghazvini October  2012Biotechnology Transformation of tobacco with a SS-GUS-KDEL-MAR construct and study of transgenic plants   SuperVisor
11 Roghaye Moghadami February  2015 Molecular analysis of second generation transgenic tobacco plants containing the of gamma interferon gene   SuperVisor
10 Masoumeh shahnazari February  2015 Analysis of the second generation of transgenic tobacco plants containing SS-GUS- KDEL-MAR construc   SuperVisor
9 Edris choupani March  2015 Isolation β-phaseolin promoter from phaseolus vulgaris plant and cloning in expression vector   SuperVisor
8 Jabraeil Zarei March  2014 Transforming of synthetic Brazzein gene and investigating its in E.coli Bacteria   SuperVisor
7 Mitra Gholami March  2014 Study on the possibility of saffron (crocus sativus L.) regeneration using thin cell layer explants   SuperVisor
6 Faeze koucho _MARCH  2013 Transformation of tobacco with a Ω-GUS-SAR construct and analysis of transgenic plants   SuperVisor
5 shima karami _OCTOBER  2015M. Sc Artificial synthesis of Brazzein gene and its transfer to PBI 121 plant vectors   SuperVisor
4 Elmira mohammadi _FEBRUARY  2016M.Sc In vitro optimized regeneration and genetic transformation β –glucuronidase of Artemisia sieberi via Agrobacterium    SuperVisor
3 roya taghi biglou _MARCH  2016M.Sc Evaluation of indirect regeneration of shoot apical meristem explants for maize (Zea mays L.) transformation with GUS gene   SuperVisor
2 Malihe Zohrabi February  2017 Determination of GUS and nptII transgenes copy number in transgenic tobacco plants using Real-Time PCR   SuperVisor
1 Atefeh Bakhshian February  2017 Study the Possibility of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Regeneration Using Thin Cell Layer Explants   SuperVisor



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