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A. Jodairi

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
17 Seyyed Farid Beheshtinejad April  2016English Language Teaching An Investigation of the Impacts of a Genre-based Pedagogy in Developing Writing Proficiency of Iranian EFL Students   SuperVisor
16 Syyedeh Zoleikha Sajadi July  2016English Language Teaching TITLE : The Effect of Visual Input Enhancement on the Learning and Retention of L2 Vocabulary by Iranian EFL Learners   Advisor
15 Mojghan Alimohammadi August  2017English Language Teaching A Contrastive Analysis of Linguistic Journals: A View From Systemic Functional Linguistics   SuperVisor
14 Somyyeh Ariyanfar January  2018English Language Teaching Investigating Roles of Genre Teaching in the Development of EFL Learners’ Academic Writing   SuperVisor
13 Syyehde Fatemeh Mousavi January  2018English Language Teaching On the Relationship between EFL Learners’ Critical Thinking and Inferencing Ability in Reading Comprehension   Advisor
12 Leila Moeinpour January  2018English Language Teaching Dynamic Assessment of IELTS Writing Task One through Mobile Learning in the Context of Iranian EFL Learners   Advisor
11 Syyed Mohammadreza Mortazavi August  2018English Language Teaching An Investigation of Evaluative Discourse in Persian and English Newspaper Editorials: Implications for Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)   SuperVisor
10 Annahita Tashakkori August  2018English Language Teaching The Relationship between Self-regulation and Oral Communication Strategies Use by Iranian EFL Learners   Advisor
9 Farhad Mardaneh August  2018English Language Teaching Corpus-based Physical Education Academic Word List (PEAWL) Developmen: Employing Research Articles as Raw Material   Advisor
8 Hamid Naservafa January  2019English Language Teaching Exploring Consciousness-raising Impact of Translation on EFL Students’ Oral Reproduction of Stories   SuperVisor
7 Rahele Esmailzadeh August  2020English Language Teaching Exploring Theme-Rheme Patterns in the Argumentative English Academic Genres: Implications for undergraduate English Language Students   SuperVisor
6 Mina Daneshpazhoh August  2020English Language Teaching Investigating Theme-Rheme Functions over Translation of Persian Abstracts to English across two Disciplines of Chemistry and Psychology   SuperVisor
5 Zahra Agajanloo January  2021English Language Teaching An Investigation of Engagement Resources in Academic Writing: Medical Sciences and Applied Linguistics Research Articles   SuperVisor
4 Fatemeh Asadi June  2021English Language Teaching The differential effects of descriptive and numerical evaluation of speaking skill on Iranian intermediate EFL learners speaking self-efficacy and performance   Advisor
3 Saira Beigli December  2021English Language Teaching An Investigation of Grammatical Metaphor Deployment in English Applied Linguistics and Psychology Academic Research Articles   SuperVisor
2 Maryam Izadipanah March  2022English Language Teaching Code Glossing in English and Farsi Abstracts of TEFL M.A. Theses   Advisor
1 Sanaz Emami January  2015English Language Teaching The Role of Language Artson Development of EFL Learners Intercultural Sensitivity and Language Proficiency   Advisor



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