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Abolfazl Jalilvand

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: PhD
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
9 Ahmad Ashouri _SEPTEMBER  2015Power Engineering Fault Diagnosis and Security Assessment in Distribution System with Distributed Generations Based on Petri Nets   SuperVisor
8 Mehdi Safaeian February  2021Electronics Robust Predictive Torque Control of Induction Motors   SuperVisor
7 Hossein Yasami _FEBRUARY  2018Power Engineering Voltage Stability Improvement of Power Systems with wind turbines using Predictive Control   SuperVisor
6 Mehrdad Beykverdi _JANUARY  2017Power Engineering Intelligent Hierarchical Control of a DC Microgrid with Energy Management Approach   SuperVisor
5 mohsen Darabian _FEBRUARY  2017Power Engineering Increasing ...   SuperVisor
4 Hamideh Najafizadehan _NOVEMBER  2016Control Engineering Tuning the controllers affine in parameters based on loop shaping via LMI approach   SuperVisor
3 Mohammad Hossein Abedi   0Power Engineering Sub-Transmission Substation Expansion Planning Considering Load Uncertainties   SuperVisor
2 Kamyar Ghanbarpour September  0Control Engineering Design of Fault Tolerant Controller for wind turbines based on Predictive Control    SuperVisor
1 Fatemeh Babaei _JANUARY  2017Soil Siences Modeling...   Advisor

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
46 Morteza Daviran Keshavarzi October  2008Power Engineering Stabilization of Power System Using Adaptive Control   SuperVisor
45 Mohsen Vakil March  2009Power Engineering Load-Frequency Control in Deregulated Power Systems Using QFT   SuperVisor
44 Hadi Fotoohabadi June  2009Power Engineering High Impedance Fault Detection in Transmission Lines Using Chaotic Theory   SuperVisor
43 Majid Bigonah Mikal October  2009Power Engineering Intelligent Adaptive Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator in Variable Speed Wind Turbines   SuperVisor
42 Ahmad Ashouri October  2009Power Engineering Modeling and Diagnosing of Faults in Power Systems Using Petri Nets   SuperVisor
41 Masoumeh Ahmadi February  2010Power Engineering Hybrid Modeling and Control of DC/DC Converters   SuperVisor
40 Behzad Sedaghat March  2010Power Engineering Design of a Control Strategy for Integration of Wind Turbine and Diesel Generator Based on Load Curve    SuperVisor
39 Hesan Vahedi November  2010Power Engineering Anti-Islanding Protection and Islanding Operation of Distributed Generation Resources with Negligible Non-detection Zone   SuperVisor
38 Aziz Aghazadeh January  2011Electrical Engineering Modeling and Simulation of Custom Power Park in Presence of DG   SuperVisor
37 Reza Aghajanpour Nashli January  2011Power Engineering Phasor Estimation in Power Systems Using Kalman Filter   SuperVisor
36 Hossein Mohammadi January  2011Power Engineering Control and operation of grid connected power electronic system for photovoltaic modules   SuperVisor
35 Akbar Bayat June  2011Power Engineering Modeling and Control of Fuel Cell Distributed Generation Systems for Efficient Operation   SuperVisor
34 Younes Pirhayati September  2011Power Engineering Intelligent Control of FACTS Devices to improve the stability of Power Systems   SuperVisor
33 Mohammad-Reza Javadi September  2011Power Engineering Intelligent Optimal Design and Energy Management of Distributed Generation for Stand-alone Operation   SuperVisor
32 Saeid Akbari September  2011Power Engineering Load Frequency in Power Systems Control Using Kalman Filter   SuperVisor
31 Maryam Safari February  2012Electronic Designing and Simulation of a Wideband Analog Mixer with 0.18 um CMOS Technology   SuperVisor
30 Majid Kazemi February  2012Power Engineering Control and Transient Stability of Microgrids in Grid-connected and Islanding Operations   SuperVisor
29 Mehdi Mardani February  2012Power Engineering Voltage Flicker Analysis and Measuring Methods with the approach of Wind Turbines Flicker Reduction in Power Systems   SuperVisor
28 Jalal Dadgar March  2012Power Engineering Optimal Design of Power System Stabilizers Using Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Methods   SuperVisor
27 Mohammad-Reza Norouzi March  2012Power Engineering Design of Electric Distribution Systems Protection in Presence of Distibuted Generation   SuperVisor
26 Jaber Fallah Ardeshir September  2012Power Engineering Power Flow Control in a Micro grid by the Power Electronic Transformer   SuperVisor
25 Hamid Anguti February  2013Power Engineering Islanding Detection of Multi-inverter Distributed Generation   SuperVisor
24 Mohammad Golmohammadi February  2013Power Engineering Modelling, Controlling And Simulation Of Hybrid AC/DC Micro Grid   SuperVisor
23 Zeinab Sudi September  2011Power Engineering Developing an Algorithm for Online Setting Calculation of Overcurrent Relays   Advisor
22 Mohsen Darabian September  2013Power Engineering Control of Multilevel Inverters inorder to connect the Photovoltaic Sources to the Distribution Network for Improving the Power Quality   SuperVisor
21 Leila Bayat October  2013Power Engineering Considering Failure Probability for Back-up Relay in Determination of the Optimum Routine Test Interval in Protective System   SuperVisor
20 Fereshteh Sadeghi February  2013Power Engineering Long-term Load Forecasting for a Real Power Grid   SuperVisor
19 Amir Hossein Moradkhani March  2013Power Engineering Wind Farm Placement Considering Reliability and Cost   SuperVisor
18 Hamidreza Khalil March  2013Power Engineering Control of Grid Connected Photovoltaic system in order to compensate Voltage SAG by Using UPQC   SuperVisor
17 Maryam Moghimi September  2014Power Engineering Fault location in power systems with distributed generation using petri Nets   SuperVisor
16 Saeid Molaei September  2014Power Engineering Economic Optimal Design and Management of Distributed Generations with Hybrid Structures in of-Grid Distribution Systems    SuperVisor
15 Azam Mohammadi October  2014Power Engineering Optimal Voltage Control in Distribution System with Static VAR Compensator in Presence of Distributed Generation   SuperVisor
14 Mahnaz Ghorbanifard Khamseh December  2014Power Engineering Power Transformer Fault Diagnosis Using Petri Nets   SuperVisor
13 Esmaeil Nadeloo February  2015Power Engineering Supervisory Control of the Micro-Grid to Improve Voltage Stability   SuperVisor
12 Zahra Khalesi February  2015Power Engineering Optimal sitting and sizing of DGs Considering Protection Coodrination, Harmonic & Network Losses Limits    SuperVisor
11 Mina Orang March  2015Power Engineering Internal Fault Current Identification in Power Transformers Based on Tufts-Kumaresan Algorithm    SuperVisor
10 Shabnam Amini September  2015Power Engineering Control of Fault Current in Power Systems with Presence of Distributed Generation Resources   SuperVisor
9 Hossein Nasiri Avanaki September  2015Control Engineering Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units with some New Considerations   SuperVisor
8 Sakineh Feyzi Amiri September  2015Power Engineering Discrementation between Inrush and Fault Currents in Transformers Using Phasor Estimation   SuperVisor
7 Behnam Aminzadeh September  2015Power Engineering Generation Scheduling in the Presence of Wind Power Plants, Considering Uncertainties   SuperVisor
6 Saeid Peyvand Kermani March  2016Power Engineering Intelligent Supervisory Control of Micro-grid By Load shedding Approach Based on Prediction   SuperVisor
5 Ali Majidi September  2016Power Engineering Reduced Order Model Predictive Load-Frequency Control in two-area Power System   SuperVisor
4 Saeed Kiamini September  2016Control Engineering Stability analysis for TLP systems in floating offshore wind turbines using fuzzy control and LMI method   SuperVisor
3 Zahra Heidari September  2016Power Engineering Intelligent Control of Fuel Cell-Based Distributed Generation System for reducing Flicker   SuperVisor
2 Behnaz Khayati September  2016Power Engineering M Maintenance Scheduling of Generating Units in Power Systems Using Petri Nets   SuperVisor
1 Sara Heibati September  2016Power Engineering Using a Hybrid Method for Detection of High Impedance Fault   SuperVisor

Course: B.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
23 Elahe Gharibi June  2008Electronic Applications and Design of PID Controller in Industrial  
22 Sara Adlkhah June  2008Electronic Microprocesso- Based Implementation of Digital Controllers  
21 Faeze Sharifi Fard June  2008Electronic Digital Control of Temprature Process  
20 Mohammad Reza Feizi September  2008Power Engineering Energy Efficient Induction Motors  
19 Shahin Mahdeion Rad September  2008Power Engineering Digital Control of DC/AC Converters  
18 Hekmatollah Moradkhani September  2008Power Engineering Control of Switched Reluctance Motors  
17 Farhad Kazemzadeh September  2008Power Engineering Digital Protection of Power Systems  
16 Majid Ajalli September  2008Power Engineering Dynamic Modeling, Application Simulation and Fuzzy Control of Wind Turibines  
15 Vahid Ghorbanian September  2008Power Engineeing Dynamic Modeling, Application Simulation and Fuzzy Control of Wind Turbines  
14 Mona Pedram October  2008Electronic Neural Control of Magnetic Levitation System  
13 Fatemeh Bakhshi   2009Electronic Study of the Windup and Its Prevention Methods in Control Systems  
12 Mehrdad Ghoddosi   2009Power Engineering Fuzzy Control of Synchronous Generator   
11 Ali-Asghar Akbari   2009Electronic Design and Implementation of a Digital Controller for an Inverter-Fed Induction Motor  
10 Mohsen Yousofzadeh   2009Power Engineering Design and Implementation of a Digital Controller for an Inverter-Fed Induction Motor  
9 Rahman Hossein-Khani   2009Electronic Automation and Monitoring of Wheat Flour Factories Using PLC   
8 Fariborz Sepehri June  2010Power Engineering Design and Construction of a Automatic Variable Auto-Transformer  
7 Sajjad Gharehdaghi June  2010Power Engineering Design and Construction of a Automatic Variable Auto-Transformer  
6 Maryam Moghimi July  2010Power Engineering Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units Using Branch and Bound Algorithm  
5 Shabnam Amini July  2010Power Engineering Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units Using Branch and Bound Algorithm  
4 Mohammad Mehdi Sohrabi Toroghi July  2010Electronic Design and Construction of a Digital Strong Box  
3 Fatemeh Rostami Kia   0Electronic Design and Construction of 12V/45V Switching Power Supply  
2 Arezoo Mokhtarpour   0Electronic Design and Construction of 12V/45V Switching Power Supply  
1 Faraz Barzideh January  2011Electronic Estimation of Maximum Power Point in Solar Module by Using Neural Network  



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