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Eslam Javadnia

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: B.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
10 Amir niknam   2010Remote Sensing Remote sensing in urbun analysis   SuperVisor
9 mohammad shahsevari June  2011Remote Sensing Evaluation accuracyof google earth images   SuperVisor
8 Ali moeini June  2011Remote Sensing DEM extraction from satellite imageries with PCI-Geomatica software   SuperVisor
7 Hossein kazemi nia June  2011Remote Sensing Radar Altimetery   SuperVisor
6 Nazani Shabani January  2020Remote Sensing Investigating dust storms using satellite images in the west and southwest of Iran   SuperVisor
5 Siavash Montazeri January  2020Remote Sensing Investigating the pollution of Tehran using terrestrial and satellite data   SuperVisor
4 Shima Vazei January  2020Remote Sensing Investigation and monitoring of dust in Tehran using satellite and ground data   SuperVisor
3 Elham Mohammadi May  2020Remote Sensing Investigating of the aerosol pollution using satellite data and ground measurements at Zanjan cIty   SuperVisor
2 Melika Jafari May  2020Remote Sensing Monitoring air pollution using satellite data and ground measurements at Karaj city    SuperVisor
1 Reihaneh MehdiPour May  2020Surveying Drawing route maps and calculating the volume of excavation operations using Civil 3D software   SuperVisor



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