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Sadegh Karimpouli

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
8 Sadegh Khoslesan February  2016Rock mechanic Alternative methods for standard digital rock physics   SuperVisor
7 Parviz Roshanaei February  2016Rock mechanic Numerical modeling of oriented hydraulic fracturing in a petroleum well   SuperVisor
6 Mohammad Rezanejad September  2018Rock mechanic Numerical simulation of crack propagation in porous media of rock using the X-FEM method   SuperVisor
5 Asra Faraji August  2019Rock mechanic A study on Elastic Properties of the Laboratory Core Samples Using Multiscale Digital Rock Physics Method   SuperVisor
4 Mohamad Mehdi Golabi December  2019Rock mechanic An investigation on fluid based crack growth in porous media using numerical modeling   SuperVisor
3 Mohamad Besharati September  2020Rock mechanic Capability of 3D crack growth modeling in porous media using 2D sections   SuperVisor
2 Parisa Khodaei September  2021Rock mechanic Estimation of waves velocities of rock from cuttings using digital rock physics   SuperVisor
1 Maryam Mohammadi In progressRock Mechanic Automatic segmentation of joint and fractures in rock-wall images using deep convolutional nural networks   SuperVisor



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