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AghaAli Ghasemnian

Agha ali Ghasemnian *, Khosrow Jalali Dehkordi **, Abasali Ghaeini *** , serous chobeineh****, Ali jalali Dehkordi ***** fazllolah Fathollahi Shorabe
Effect of an sport drink on endurance, blood glucose, Heart Rate and RPE in male runners
Effect of an sport drink on endurance, blood glucose, Heart Rate and RPE in male runners

Introduction. Believe athletes use sports drinks because they compounds like taurine, caffeine and sugar they can to increase function during exercise or competition. Aim of the work .To comparase the effects of an energy drink/placebo upon running time, blood glucose level, HR and RPE. Material and Method. 9 elite male endurance runners, ran in two separate sessions by 85% of MHR until exhaustion following initially 60 min running by 70% . At each session, firstly 6 ml/kgbw of the each drink was consumed 15 min before runing and also there was consuption of the amount of 2 ml/kgbw at each 15 min in the following up to 60th min of running(5 times consumption). Results Energy drink increased distance of running and blood glucose level rather than the placebo, only in running with 85% of MHR(p<0/05). The were significant differences in HR and RPE of the 15th min of the running and also exhaustuion point with regrad to the previous measurements(Immidiately 15 min before), in both of the placebo and energy drink sessions(p<0/05). Moreover in the placebo session, RPE in 30th min of the running was higher than the previous mesurement (15th min) and additionally significant differences observed in the HR of the 60th min of the running and also RPE at the exhaustion point(p<0/05). Conclusion. It can be concluded that energy consumption can be ergogenic and decreased RPE only in the final minutes of the exerecise. PDF



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