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AghaAli Ghasemnian

عبدالرضا کاظمی  ، آقاعلي قاسم نيان  ،حسن امير خسروي ، خسرو جلالی دهکردی ،علي اصغر فلاحي 
ارتباط بین تغییرات اینترلوکین 6، پروتئین واکنشی فاز حاد و لکوسیتها با آمادگی قلبی – تنفسی دختران 17 تا 20 ساله چاق و معمولی سالم
  Associations between change in IL-6,C-reactive protein and Leukocytes with Cardiovascular Fitness  in healthy obese and normal girles aged 17-20 years

Objectives: It is reported that inflammatory markers are predictive factors for both atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease in adolescence and adulthood, And atherosclerotic changes in the peripheral vasculature or coronary arteries  can reduce  cardiorespiratory fitness. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether markers of inflammation including a) cytokine (IL-6), b) acute-phase reactant [C-reactive protein (CRP)], c) white blood cell (WBC) count and its subgroups are associated with Maximal Oxygen consumption (VO2max) in obese and normal weight girles. Methods: Subject were 32 girles aged 17-20 years old that included two groups: Overweight (n=12) and normal weight (n=20) girles. VO2max was measured employing an incremental graded exercise test. IL-6 and hs-CRP levels and WBC count were measured. Multivariable regression was employed to evaluate whether inflammatory markers were associated with VO2max. Results: Mean of the VO2max for all subjects (n=32) was 33.8± 6.8 ml/kg-1/min-1. This rate for overweight subject (27.2±3.8) was lesser than this rate among normal weight subjects (37.99±4.6).   IL-6,  hs-CRP, and WBC count and Subgroups of WBCs (Leukocytes, Lymphocyte, Neutrophils, Monocytes and Eosinophils) were inversely correlated with VO2max.. Conclusion: IL-6, hs-CRP and WBCs were inversely associated with aerobic or cardio respiratory fitness levels measured by VO2max in girles. This was independent to the BMI levels of the subjects. In Girls with high VO2max  than girls lower VO2max ,lower plasma levels of inflammatory factors were mentioned. Key Words: IL-6, C-reactive protein, Leukocytes, Cardiovascular Fitness, obesity



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