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Abbas Rabiee

H. Jafari, M. Mahmoudi, A. Rabiee
A Complementary SVC-based Damping Controller Design Using Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm

Static Var compensator (SVC) is one of flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) elements mainly used for reactive power and voltage control in power systems. This paper deals with multi-modal electromechanical oscillations damping in the presence of severe disturbances. These oscillations include local modes, inter-area modes and inter-plant modes. To enhance the damping of the oscillations, a complementary controller is added to voltage regulator of SVC. In order to design such a controller, a multi-objective optimization model is employed and non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm-II (NSGA-II) approach is used to produce sets of Pareto optimal solutions. Also, a fuzzy method is utilized to select the best compromise solution. The proposed method is examined on a two-area power system and simulation results illustrate the robustness and the efficiency of the proposed controller.



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