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Masoud Karbasi

مسعود کرباسی
شبيه سازي عددي جريان بر روي سرريزهاي شکاف
Numerical Simulation of Flow Over Slit Weirs

Rectangular slit weir is a kind of weir that can be used for measurement of discharges less than 5 liter per second. In this article using numerical simulation, flow over this kind of weirs simulated and discharge coefficients calculated and compared with experimental results. Results showed that numerical model is able to simulate flow over slit weirs, discharge coefficients calculated from numerical model has a good agreement with experimental results. Also error analysis showed that numerical method estimated the discharge coefficient 12 percent more than Aydin et al equation (2006) based on experimental results. Keywords: Sharp crested weirs, Slit weir, Discharge coefficient, Numerical simulation, Flow 3D  



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