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AghaAli Ghasemnian

Aghaali Ghasemnian , Abasali Ghaeini Dr, Mohamadreza Kordi Dr, Mehdi Hedayati Dr, Mehran Rami Dr, Bouhlil Ghorbanian
Effect of  Interval  Endurance Training Program on plasma Eotaxin,Adiponectin Levels , Insulin resistance, Serum Lipid Profile and Body Composition in Overweight and Obese adolescents

Abstract Background & Aims: Eotaxin, is an important chemokine in asthma prevalence, and adiponectin With anti-inflammatory properties, acts as an agent which can decrease the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. the purpose of this study was to examine the effect of eight weeks of interval endurance training on plasma eotaxin,adiponectin levels, insulin resistance, serum lipid profile and body composition in Overweight and Obese adolescents Materials & Methods: In this semi-experimental study, 36 healthy overweight and obese male adolescents were randomly assigned to training(N=18) and control group(N=18) . The training group underwent 8 weeks of interval  endurance training program (40 min/d, 4 d/wk). Adiposity, insulin resistance, lipid profile, eotaxin, and adiponectin were measured before and after the completion of exercise training. to evaluate the results, Paired T-test ,Pearson correlation coefficient and Stepwise multiple regression analysis were used. Results: The results showed that 8 weeks of interval  endurance training decreased the body weight, body fat percent ,BMI, Insulin resistance, Waist Circumference, and triglycerides levels in training group (P<0.05), without changes in eotaxine and adiponectin levels (P>0.05).also there was a significant and positive relationship between eotaxine with cholesterol and LDL levels following training (P<0.05). and Stepwise multiple regression analysis show that there was a significant relationship between eotaxin and insulin resistance (P<0.05). Conclusions: 8 weeks of interval endurance training, without changes in eotaxine and adiponectin levels decreased triglyceride , insulin resistance and central obesity in overweight and obese adolescents Keywords: , interval  Endurance training, Eotaxin, Adiponectin, Insulin Resistance Index, Lipid Profile , Body Composition



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