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AghaAli Ghasemnian

Ghaeini A, Ghasemnian A A, Jalali Dehkordi K, Kazemi A, Fallahi A A.
Compare The response of plasma  TNFα، CRP,  IL-6 and leukocyte in immature overweight and normal boys to a single acute exercise

Background & Aims: Obesity during childhood and adolescence in addition to acute symptoms, play a central role in a major component of the metabolic syndrome, the multiplex risk factor for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. it has been established that cardiovascular risk factors in childhood and adolescence may predict risk of affection on cardiovascular disease in adults and exercise influence on these risk factors . The purpose of this study was to compare the response of plasma TNFα, CRP, IL-6 and leukocytes in immature overweight and normal boys to a single acute exercise Materials & Methods: For this reason، 20 healthy mal student (11-14 years-old) selected systemic randomly from voluntary subjects  and divided in two groups( obese group, normal group) then , after 5 min warming every subject on ergometer cycle starts cycling with 65-70% VO2max for 40 min. blood samples collected befor, after and one hour after exercise. Data analyzed by using the independent T test and analysis of variance with repeated measures (R-ANOVA)  and post hoc LSD test Results: . The data that resulted from compare of two group showed that there was no significant differents  between leukocyte subclass (p> 0.05). but  the level of Crp ،  TNFα ، and IL-6 in overweight compare normal group were  significantly higher in three time (p< 0.05). Conclusion: A period of intense exercise 65 to 70 percent VO2max increased white blood cell subgroups response and increased inflammatory factors such as IL-6 in obese and normal immature boys. Key words:  immature boys, acute exercise، obesity، interlokin-6، CRP. TNFα, leukocyte  



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