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Mohsen Kalantari

Melahat Ahmadi Ali Dashti Shafei Mohsen kalantari  
designing pedestrian-oriented shopping centers to promote the vitality of urban space: A case in phase 2 of Pardis new town

Abstract Today’s new cities remain bereft of proper his- torical and visual identity for various reasons, often economically. However, according to the theoreti- cal background and fundamental issues of «Urban Landscape», it is necessary to prevent it from becom- ing a kind of imaginative activity because the land- scape of the city is considered as what is «felt» and «seen» from a city. Aesthetic factors of the body and existence of functions that cause vitality and presence of people in urban spaces and public areas are also important. Therefore, the goal of this study is to en- hance the vitality of urban areas with an emphasis on pedestrian-oriented shopping centers in the new city of Pardis. In a summary of comments raised by doz- ens of famous urban planners of Iran and the world, vitality factors can be summarized as appropriate ac- cess, diversity of attractions, hostel activities, com- fort, hygiene, citizen participation, aesthetics and readability. Therefore, these factors were taken into account for designing pedestrian-oriented shopping centers. Finally, some useful suggestions were made to be considered for designing these centers in Pardis. Keywords: vitality, pedestrian, shopping center, Pardis new city.



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