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Abbas Rabiee

A. Rabiee, M. Parniani
Voltage Security Constrained Multi-Period Optimal Reactive Power Flow Using Benders and Optimality Condition Decompositions

This paper proposes a new coordinated voltage control scheme to ensure voltage security of power systems. The scheme schedules reactive power injection from VAR sources, including synchronous generators and condensers, capacitor banks, switchable reactors and FACTS devices, to ensure desired loading margin of power systems for a given horizon of time. The problem is treated as voltage security constrained multi-period optimal reactive power flow (VSC-MPORPF). To incorporate scheduling of both continuous and discrete VAR sources, the VSC-MPORPF is formulated as a mixed-integer nonlinear programming problem, and is solved using generalized Benders decomposition (GBD). Multi-period formulation ensures both optimal switching pattern of discrete voltage controllers and voltage security for a given future horizon. Also, to make the proposed method applicable for large-scale power systems, optimality condition decomposition approach is utilized, along with the GBD. The proposed methodology is examined through case studies conducted on a simple 6-bus, the IEEE 118-bus, and a 1180-bus test systems. The results demonstrate effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed framework in real-time operation of power systems.



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