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AghaAli Ghasemnian

Ahga Ali Ghasemnian Dr 1, Bohlool Ghorbanian Dr2
The effects of 8 weeks interval combined exercises traning on risk factor of asthma, insulin resistance and some of the major physiological indices in overweight and obese adolescents

Background & Aims: Eotaxin, which is an important chemokine in asthma, was recently reported to be increased with obesity in mice and humans. So,the purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of exercise training on plasma eotaxin levels , insulin resistance ,maximal Oxygen consumption(Vo2max) and Some of the major physiological factors in overweight and obese adolescents Materials & Methods: In this experimental study, 28 healthy obese and overweight male adolescents were randomly selected and studied. We divided the obese subjects in two groups: exercise group (N = 13) and control group (N=15). The exercise group underwent 8 weeks of interval combined exercise training (70 min/d, 4 d/wk). Vo2max, Adiposity, insulin resistance, lipid profile and eotaxin were measured before and after the completion of exercise training. to evaluate the results, independent T-test and Pearson correlation coefficient were used and p<0.05 was used as the criterion of statistical significance. Results: The results showed that 8 weeks of Interval Combined exercise training increaced in eotaxine levele and Vo2max, and decreased the Insulin resistance, body fat percent, BMI, WC, and triglycerides levels in obese male adolescents(P<0.05). there was not a significant relationship between eotaxine with other factors (P<0.05) . Conclusions: 8 weeks of interval combined exercise training, increase eotaxine levels but have positive effect on some of physiological indices(TG, %BF, insulin resistance, central obesity, BMI and Vo2max ) in overweight and obese adolescents .



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