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Abbas Rabiee

A. Soroudi,  A. Rabiee,  A. Keane
Stochastic Real-Time Scheduling of Wind-thermal Generation Units in an Electric Utility

The objective of dynamic economic dispatch (DED) problem is to find the optimal dispatch of generation units in a given operation horizon to supply a pre-specified demand, while satisfying a set of constraints. In this paper, an efficient method based on Optimality Condition Decomposition (OCD) technique is proposed to solve the DED problem in real-time environment while considering wind power generation and pool market. The uncertainties of wind power generation as well as the electricity prices are also taken into account. The above uncertainties are handled using scenario based approach. To illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach, it is applied on 40, 54 thermal generation units, and a large-scale practical system with 391 thermal generation units. The obtained results substantiate the applicability of the proposed method for solving the



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