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Masoud Karbasi

Masoud Karbasi
Estimation of classical hydraulic jump length using teaching–learning based optimization algorithm
برآورد طول جهش هیدرولیکی کلاسیک با استفاده از الگوریتم بهینه سازی آموزش و یادگیری

The hydraulic jump is an interesting phenomenon in open channel flow that has been widely used for energy dissipation in hydraulic structures. The aim of this study is to investigate the applicability of teaching–learning based optimization (TLBO) algorithm for the first time in modeling hydraulic jump length over a smooth horizontal bed. Experimental data were selected from USBR reports and published literature. TLBO algorithm applied to four different regression forms: linear, quadratic, power and exponential. The TLBO method with quadratic function from among all models yielded better prediction with RMSE=0.164 m and R2=0.974. Comparison of developed model and existing empirical equations showed that, TLBO based models have higher accuracy in prediction of hydraulic jump length over a smooth horizontal bed. Therefore, the employment of the TLBO algorithm at hydraulic engineering problems recommended for future studies.



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