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Abbas Rabiee

A. Rabiee, S. Nikkhah, A. Soroudi, E. Hooshmand
Information gap decision theory for voltage stability constrained OPF considering the uncertainty of multiple wind farms

This study deals with the voltage stability constrained optimal power flow (VSC-OPF) problem considering the wind power generation uncertainty. The main feature of the proposed model is to handle the uncertainty of multiple wind farms (WFs) in a way that for a given worsening of total cost, maximum tolerable uncertainty of wind power generation is achieved for all WFs. This maximum uncertainty is determined in a way that a required loading margin (LM), is preserved. It is worth noting that LM is the most important measure of voltage stability which reflects the distance from the current operating point to the voltage collapse point. For this aim, information gap decision theory (IGDT) is utilised to handle the uncertainty of wind power generation. The proposed model is implemented on IEEE 39-bus standard test system. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed VSC-OPF model for uncertainty handling of multiple WFs, the results obtained by IGDT technique are compared with Monte Carlo simulations and scenario-based approach. The simulation results imply that the uncertainty radius and the desired LM are inversely related, such that for a given tolerable increase of cost, the radius of uncertainty decreases by increasing the desired LM.



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