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Farhad Kabiri Esfahani

Farhad Kabiri Esfahani, Daryoush Zareyee, Ali Shokuhi Rad, Sima Taher‐Bahrami
Sulfonic acid supported on magnetic nanoparticle as an ecofriendly, durable and robust catalyst for the synthesis of β‐amino carbonyl compounds through solvent free Mannich reaction
اسید سولفونیک تثبیت شده بر روی نانو ذرات مغناطیسی به عنوان یک کاتالیزور سازگار با محیط زیست، با دوام و قوی برای سنتز ترکیبات  β آمینو کربونیل از طریق واکنش بدون حلال مانیک

A simple, efficient and environmentally benign solid acid catalyst was prepared by anchoring a propyl sulfonic acid on the surface of silica‐coated magnetic nanoparticles by low cost precursors. The catalyst has been then engaged in the efficient β‐ amino carbonyl compounds production via three component Mannich reaction under solvent free reaction condition at room temperature. After the completing the reaction, the catalyst was readily separated by external magnet and reused for 10 successive rounds of reaction, without any significant loss in catalytic efficiency. The solid acidic system presented reusable strategy for the efficient synthesis of β‐ amino carbonyl compounds, simplicity in operation, and green aspects by avoiding toxic conventional catalysts under solvent‐free condition.



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