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AghaAli Ghasemnian

Ghayebloo B, Ghasemnian AA*, Azad A
The effect of two weeks Morning and Afternoon Special Training Program on Performance and Plasma levels of IL-17 and Cortisol in Wushu Athletes

Abstract Background & Aims: Recent evidences (knowing the effects of time on physiological variables) show that the human body undergoes a lot of changes during the day and night and has a special ability in each hour. athletes competition in the morning increasing difficulty and makes them more susceptible to infection and inflammation.The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of two weeks morning and afternoon special training program on performance and plasma levels of IL-17 and cortisol in boy wushu athletes. Materials and Methods: Fourteen athletes boy were purposefully selected and after bruce and rast tests they were divided into the two similar groups; morning-time training group (N = 7, training time 9 am.) and evening-time training group (N=7, training time 18 pm ). The Subjects were trained for two weeks (6 session in each week) according to an sanda sport specific training program. Values of peak of anaerobic power, average anaerobic power, minimum anaerobic power and fatigue index were measured with field rast test. To determine the amount of plasma IL-17 and cortisol , the participants blood samples were taken in the fasting state three times. 24 hrs before the first training session in baseline status and immediately after tests at 9 am and 48 hrs after the last training session immediately after tests performance at 9 am. Data were analyzed using repeated measures, independent-samplesT-test, ,paired- samplesT-test and Covariance. Results: The results showed significant differences was seen between the amounts of plasma IL- 17 of the two groups after two weeks (P<0.05). But not significant differences between the amounts of plasma cortisol and performance of both groups were observes after two weeks (P>0.05). Conclusion: Exercise transferring to the morning timetwo weeks before the competition reduce the inflammatory markers such as IL-17 of boys Sandakar.Therefore it appears that two weeks transition training time from evening to morning can increase the safety of athletes immune during the competition. Key Words: Circadian rhythm, Time Adaptation, Interleukin-17, Cortisol, Anaerobic power performance



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