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AghaAli Ghasemnian

Ghasemnian A (PhD), Moghadam A (Msc), Azad A (PhD)
The effect of two tapering strategies on Anabolic to catabolic hormone ratio and performance in young male swimmers

Abstract Background & Aims: Tapering can be defined as a period of training before the competition lasting a few days to several weeks in which training volume is progressively reduced while a portion of training is maintained at a high intensity. Despite the widespread use of the taper, little is known regarding how training volume and training intensity impact the time course of adaptations. We the effect of two tapering strategies on Anabolic to catabolic hormone ratio and performance in young male swimmers. Materials & Methods: In this semi-experimental study 12 young male swimmers as available sampling were selected. Subjects based on their final record were divided into two groups: two-stage tapering group (N 6) progressive tapering group (N 6). Before and after the completion of the 2 weeks tapering Program, performance test and blood samples were taken for assessment plasma levels of testosterone-to-cortisol ratio. To evaluate the result paired T-test and ANCOVA (analysis of Covariance) were used. Results: after2weeks of tapering program, in both groups compared with pre-test, testosterone-tocortisol ratio was reduced, but only in two-stage tapering group the reduction was significant. In both groups compared with pre-test, performance was increased significantly, while changes in the twostage tapering group performance record and testosterone-to-cortisol ratio levels compared with the progressive tapering group was not significant. Conclusion: generally it can be said, both two tapering strategies (two-stage and progressive tapering), while improving performance, have no effect on Hormonal Anabolic on catabolic response in male young swimmers. Keywords: tapering, hormone balance, swimmers *Corresponding Author: Department of Sport Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Ghasemnian@znu.ac.ir 38



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