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Abbas Rabiee

E. Hooshmand, A. Rabiee
Energy management in distribution systems, considering the impact of reconfiguration, RESs, ESSs and DR: A trade-off between cost and reliability  

The distribution network operator is usually responsible for improvement of efficiency and reliability of the network. This paper proposes a framework to demonstrate the impact of renewable energy sources (RESs), energy storage systems (ESSs), demand response (DR) and reconfiguration on the optimal sharing of energy. The proposed model determines the optimal locations of RESs, ESSs and DR in the distribution network to minimize simultaneously the cost of energy procurement and energy not supplied. A multi-objective optimization problem is formulated with a mixed-integer second-order cone programming model and ε-constraint method is used to generate Pareto optimal solutions. The network reconfiguration is also considered to optimize the power flow by changing the network topology. The proposed model is implemented on the IEEE standard 33-bus radial test system, and solved by General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) optimization software. According to the simulation results, the proposed framework is beneficial both from the reliability and economic perspectives.  



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