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Abbas Rabiee

S. M. Mohseni-Bonab, I. Kamwa, A. Moeini and A. Rabiee
Voltage Security Constrained Stochastic Programming Model for Day-Ahead BESS Schedule in co-optimization of T&D Systems

Wind and photovoltaic are now the fastest growing renewable energy sources (RES) around the world and mitigation of the inherent intermittency of such energy sources with Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) has gained attention in recent years. In this paper, a novel voltage security stochastic optimal BESS allocation (VSC-SOBA) problem is proposed in integrated transmission and distribution (T&D) systems while including realistic models of distributed energy resources. The scheduling problem is studied under stochastic framework by considering the wind power uncertainty. Besides, hourly profiles of load as well as wind and photovoltaic RESs are taken into account. Maximizing loading margin (LM) with the best allocation of different BESSs types is the main objective of the paper. Moreover, the allocation impact on voltage deviation of load buses is investigated. The mixed integer non-linear programming (MINLP)-based model is implemented in GAMS software considering P, Q, and simultaneous P+Q BESS control. The performance of proposed method is examined on T&D 16-bus, 62-bus, 286-bus and large scale 1142-bus test systems and the findings show that in the case of VSC-SOBA, the desired LM is maximized in the presence of optimal BESS control variables.  



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