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Nader NoshiranZadeh

Nader Noshiranzadeh, Ali Ramazani, Ali Morsali, Allen D. Hunter and Matthias Zeller
Novel Coordination Mode of Chloride Ion in Holo- and Hemidirected One-dimensional PbII Coordination Polymer

A new lead(II) chloride coordination polymer with the ligand 4 0-(4-pyridyl)-2,20:60,200-terpyridine (pyterpy), [Pb3(pyterpy)2(l2-Cl)3(l3-3]n Æ nMeOH, has been synthesized and structurally analyzed by X-ray single-crystal diffraction. Its single-crystal X-ray structure2+-ions with coordination numbers of six (Pb1 and Pb2) and eight Pb3. The Pb1 and Pb3 centers possess the coordination sphere of holodirected atom and its coordination sphere is, thus, . However, the arrangement of Cl- and N-atoms for Pb2 suggests a gap or hole in the coordination geometry around thishemidirected. Cl) shows the complex is one-dimensional polymer as a result of chloride unusual bi- and tri-fold donor bridging and also shows three types of Pb



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