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Nader NoshiranZadeh

Ali Ramazani; Nader Noshiranzadeh
Magnesium Sulfate Catalyzed Intermolecular Wittig Reaction of Dialkyl 2-(1-acetyl-2-oxopropyl)-3-(triphenylphosphoranylidene) Succinates with Ninhydrin in Solvent-Free Conditions

A facial one-pot stereoselective synthesis of dialkyl 3,3-diacetyl-3   ahydroxy-a,8-tetrahydrocyclopenta[a]indene-1,2-dicarboxylates4 in solvent-free conditions at±C is reported. 8-oxo-2,3,3 in fairly high yields by the intermolecularWittig reaction of dialkyl 2-(1-acetyl-2-oxopropyl)-3-(triphenylphosphoranylidene) succinates and ninhydrin in the presence of MgSO 100



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