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A. Jodairi

Publications in Journals

National7.  Aiyoub Jodairi Pineh
Task-based Approach as a Supplement for Designing Humanised EAP Textbooks
Samt (2007PP. 1-14. 
National6.  Aiyoub Jodairi Pineh
Developing ESP Curricula: A Sample Lesson
Samt (2005PP. 297-321. 
National5.  Aiyoub Jodairi Pineh
Teachers as Coordinators in Developing ESP Curriculum
Samt (2005PP. 99-134. 
International-ISC4.  Aiyoub Jodairi Pineh
Moving Against the Grain: Exploring Genre-Based Pedagogy in a New Context
Journal of research in applied linguistics Vol. 8 Issue 2 (2017PP. 136-158. 
International-ISC3.  Aiyoub Jodairi Pineh, Farid Beheshtinezhad, Robab khosravi
Exploring Impacts of Consciousness-raising in a Genre-based Pedagogy
Journal of research in applied linguistics Issue Special Issue (2017PP. 43-59. 
International2.  Aiyoub Jodairi Pineh
A critical Review of Consciousness-raising Approaches: Applied Linguistics vs. Systemic Functional Linguistics
International Journal of English Language Teaching (2016) . 
International1.  Aiyoub Jodairi Pineh
Book Review: Language Curriculum Design and Socialisation
International Journal of English Language Teaching  Accepted 2015.  

Presentations in Seminars & Congress

International 3.  Aiyoub Jodairi Pineh
An Investigation of Grammatical Metaphor Deployment in EFL Students Academic Writing on the Introduction of Genre-based Pedagogy
38th International Congress on Systemic Functional Linguistics
Universidad de Lisboa, Lisbon-Portugal, 27 - 31 July 2011.  
International 2.  Aiyoub Jodairi Pineh
On Consciousness-raising Impacts of a Genre-based Pedagogy for Generic Structure Deployment in EFL Students Academic Writing
10th International Conference on Forging New Directions in Academic Language and Learning
Uiversity of South Australia, Adelaide-Australia, 24 - 25 November 2011.  
International 1.  Aiyoub Jodairi Pineh
Advances in Academic Writing: Implications for Quantitative Complementarities across EFL Students’ Writing
Tellsi, Zahedan-IRAN, 25 - 27 February 2015.  



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