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Esmail KaramiDehkordi

Esmail KaramiDehkordi
Associate professor

e.karami@znu.ac.ir      e.karamidehkordi@gmail.com

   +98 2433052593   +98 (0) 24 3305 2426
2433052223   +98 (0) 24 3228 2433052593
Department of Agricultural Extension, Communication and Rural Development (Former Agricultural Extension and Education Department), Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zanjan, Post Code: 45371-38791, Zanjan, Iran



1) Director of International Scientific Cooperation Office

2) Associate Professor of Agricultural Extension and Sustainable Rural Development: Systemic Studies on Knowing Systems and Sustainable Natural Resources Management

Dr. Karamidehkordi's research advances studying socio-ecological systems, human-environment relationships, sustainable natural resources (biodiversity, land and water) management, systems thinking in sustainable agriculture and development, and participatory natural disaster management in rural areas. He also examines knowledge and innovation systems in agricultural and rural development; innovation and communication in sustainable development emphasizing social network analysis; rural livelihood systems analysis and capacity building; institutional analyses in sustainable development; integrated and participatory watershed management; policy and strategy analyses of sustainable development and natural resource management; and project management and evaluation of extension and rural development activities

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