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Naser Dalali

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: PhD
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
1 Bahram Mokhtari March  2013PhD in Analytical Chemistry Separation and Determination of Demulsifiers pollutants in the produced water of oil fields   SuperVisor

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
50 Ali Darabi February  2002 Anal.Chemistry Extractive and Transport study of Copper by TOPO,Diphenyl bitiazole and Hydroxamic acid   SuperVisor
49 Manoochehr Ghanbari February  2003 Anal. Chemistry Study and Development of method for Separation of 99Tc produced by the reaction 100Mo-->99Tc   SuperVisor
48 Fatemeh Haji mehdi Arbab April  2003Anal.Chemistry Separation and preconcentration of some Transition metal ions by Liquid-liquid extraction and Trasport through liquid Membrane with...   SuperVisor
47 Morteza Javaheri September  2003 Anal. Chemistry Separation of Co and Ni ions by liquid-liquid extraction and liquid membrane transport using organophosphoric and amine ligands   SuperVisor
46 Mir Mahdi Zahedi August  2004 Anal. Chemistry Simultaneus extraction and preconcentration of Co,Ni, Pb and Zn by Cloud point extraction- determination by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry and investigation of Flow injection system   SuperVisor
45 Mina Zarnegar February  2005 Anal.Chemistry Determination of sulphametoxazole and trimetoprime in cotrimoxazole syrup    SuperVisor
44 Soliman Rafatkha August  2005 Anal.Chemistry Properties of Phase Trasformation for a new Schiff Base towards Tansition metal ions    SuperVisor
43 Ali Asghar Shadvar September  2005 Anal.Chemistry Measurement of Anionic and Nonionic Surfactants in Detergent with Fourier transform Contineus Cyclic Voltametry   SuperVisor
42 Mariam Heshmatinia September  2005 Anal.Chemistry Purification and Determination of Erythromycin in Fermentation Broth by HPLC   SuperVisor
41 Nasrin Javadi August  2007MSc. Chemistry Cloud point Extraction/Preconcentration of Pb, Ni,Zn Co &Cu by Hydroxamic acids & their On-line determination   SuperVisor
40 Farhad Gharebaghi March  2008MSc. Analytical Chemistry Synthesis of Calix [4] resorcinarene Hydroxamic acids and investigation of their ionophoric and phase transfer properties    SuperVisor
39 Leila Farhangi March  2008MSc. Analytical Chemistry Separation and preconcentration of Transition metal ions by Solid phase extraction in presence of Oand N donnor ligands   SuperVisor
38 Mohammad Javad Fooladi October  2008MSc- Analytical Chemistry Synthesis of Amides and Oximes, and their Analytical Applications   SuperVisor
37 Rezvan Assar October  2008MSc-Analytical Chemistry Synthesis and applications of Hydroxamic acids and Oximes in separation and preconcentration of Ge &Sb.   SuperVisor
36 Ali Karimi January  2009MSc. Analytical Chemistry Investigation of Oxigen and Nitrogen doner ligands in Phase separation of Transition metal ions   SuperVisor
35 Farshad Karami January  2009MSc. Analytical Chemistry 1- Quantitative determination of Formaldehyde in Industrial waste waters by MCR ALS and UV/Vis Spectrophotometry, 2- Determination of Formaldehyde in aqueous samples by SPE-PLS and UV/Vis. 3- solid phase extraction and on-line determination of Formaldehyd   SuperVisor
34 Mehdi Hoseini September  2009MSc. Analytical Chemistry Separation and preconcentration of some Transition metal ions by on-line solid phase extraction Atomic absorption spectrometry in presence of Hydroxamic acids, Oximes And Phosphorelated ligands   SuperVisor
33 Farideh Tofighi April  2010MSc Analytical Chemistry Studies on cloud point extraction of Ce, V and U by Hydroxamic acids and PAN- Determination by Spectrophotometry and investigation of FIA technique   SuperVisor
32 Saeid Mohammadnezhad September  2010MSc Analytical Chemistry Cloud point extraction/preconcentration of Cu and Pb in presence of PAN- Dithizone and Oxime on-line coupled with FAAS   SuperVisor
31 Shiva Mottahedi September  2010MSc Analytical Chemistry Studies on Surfactant coated Alumina and its modification by the ligands Nitozo naphthol, Oxime and Hydroxamic acid as adsorbent for Solid phase extraction of some Transition metal ions   SuperVisor
30 Marzieh Ashouri October  2010MSc Analytical Chemistry Investigation of Potential of carbon nanotubes as sorbent in presence and absence of ligand for solid phase extraction of metal ions and comarison with common adsorbents   SuperVisor
29 Atefeh Azizi October  2009 Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction of Cu, Ni, Co and Cd prior to determination by UV/Vis Spectrophotometry or Flame atomic absorption   SuperVisor
28 Hadi Habibi September  2011Analytical Chemistry A: Investigation of liquid-liquid extraction and liquid membrane transport for separation of some economically & environmentally important metals such as Zn, Ni, Co & Cd   SuperVisor
27 Fereidoon Rahmani September  2011Analytical Chemistry B: Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction of Zn prior to determination by atomic absorption spectrometry .A: Dspersive liquid-liquid microextraction and determination of Trace amounts of organic compounds such as light alkyl ethers    SuperVisor
26 Mahboobeh Khorramnezhad September  2011Analytical Chemistry Investigation of magnetic nanoparticles for separation/ preconcentration and/or removal of some environmental polluting materials   SuperVisor
25 Mina Habibizadeh February  2012Analytical Chemistry Design, Preparation and evaluation of carbon nanotubes and their magnetic composites for pharmacuitical and pollutants removal applications   SuperVisor
24 Asghar Haghi-Almachoan September  2012MSc. Analytical Chemistry Investiof applicability of agricultural wastes such as Mango seed husk and Walnut husk as biosorbent for extraction of heavy metal ions   SuperVisor
23 Mina Sadrara September  2012MSc. Analytical Chemistry Extraction and determination of some organic compounds in environmental samples using dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction method   SuperVisor
22 Masoumeh Kazemi September  2012MSC. Analytical Chemistry Application of nano-particles for the extraction/ separation of environmental pollutants using solid phase extraction   SuperVisor
21 Saeideh Fattah pour September  2012MSc. Analytical Chemistry Ultrasound-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction in order to extraction, concentration and determination of some transition metals in real samples   SuperVisor
20 Parvin Hosseini September  2012MSc. Analytical Chemistry Synthesis of iron oxide-alumimum oxide nano composite by sol-jel method and its application as solid phase for preconcentration and determination of some heavy metal ions such as lead.   SuperVisor
19 Nafiseh Azarm January  2013Analytical Chemistry Synthesis of iron oxide nano-particles and its application as solid phase sorbent for extraction,preconcentration and determination of lead in aqueous samples   SuperVisor
18 Haghighe Fathi March  2013Analytical Chemistry Nanometer-sized TiO2 modified by CTAB as solid-phase extraction adsorbent for the separation and preconcentration of Parathion and Paranitrophenol in   SuperVisor
17 Khatere Parandi October  2013Analytical Chemistry Fabrication of new solid phase microextraction(SPME) fibers using ionic liquids, nanoparticles and sol-gel technique in order to analyze the pharmaceutical and contaminants in biological samples   SuperVisor
16 Hossein Ameli October  2013Analytical Chemistry Determination of some organophosphate pesticides like diazinon in water samples after preconcentration using modified titanium dioxide   SuperVisor
15 Behnaz Alibabaeian March  2014Analytical Chemistry Solid phase extraction technique for separation/removal of some metal ions as environmental contaminants with mangosteenand nano alumina as adsorbents   SuperVisor
14 Fariba Taherkhani March  2014Analytical Chemistry Separation/ preconcentration of trace amounts of heavy metals by using ultrasound and ionic liquids dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction   SuperVisor
13 Narges Vaezi March  2014Analytical Chemistry Evaluation of sorption ability of some biomass( such as Rambutan) and nanosilica as adsorbents for concentration and extraction of some environmentally harmful metal ions by solid phase extraction technique   SuperVisor
12 Neda Aflatouni September  2014Analytical Chemistry Use of carbon nano tubes etc. adsorbents for concentration/separation of some environmental pollutants by solid phase microextraction method and their determination by gas chromatography   SuperVisor
11 Abasat Rahmani July  2014Analytical Chemistry Investigation on synthesis and coating techniques of electro conductor polymers on graphite and carbon fibers: acid-base resistant electrode as anode for zinc electro-winning   SuperVisor
10 Samira Keshavarz September  2014Analytical Chemistry Use of ionic liquids in order to concentrate some toxic and hazardous metals by in-situ solvent formation microextraction and determination by atomic absorption spectrometry   SuperVisor
9 Maryam Gholami September  2014Analytical Chemistry Application of ionic liquids as extractant phase in dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction method   SuperVisor
8 Soheila Sedaghati September  2015Analytical Chemistry Use of ionic liquids for concentration/separation some of pollutants such as pesticides, insecticides and drugs bu in-situ solvent formation microextraction method and determination by UV-Vis spectrophotometry   SuperVisor
7 Nazila Zanjani September  2015Analytical Chemistry Separation and concentration of some antibiotics by dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction using ionic liquids and their determination by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)   SuperVisor
6 Maedeh Dehghadar February  2016Analytical Chemistry Separation and preconcentration of Naproxen by liquid phase microextraction technique prior to determination by UV-Vis spectroscopy   SuperVisor
5 Parisa Naderi March  2016Analytical Chemistry Separation and preconcentration of drugs by dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (DLLME) and determination by spectroscopy   SuperVisor
4 Zeynab Esmaeli September  2014Analytical Chemistry Investigation on palm ability removal of pharmaceutical pollutants in trace amount from aqueous solutions as a bio adsorbent   SuperVisor
3 Sepideh Lotfi February  2017Analytical Chemistry Application of ionic liquid for extraction/ preconcentration of cadmium prior to determination by atomic absorption spectrometry   SuperVisor
2 Tooba Rezazadeh September  2016Analytical Chemistry Investigation on ability of liquid phase microextraction technique based on hollow fiber membrane modified with functionalized graphene oxide for separation and preconcentration of trace amounts of veterinary drugs in real samples   SuperVisor
1 Arezou Saedi September  2017Analytical Chemistry Preparation and characterization of various nanostructured lipid cariers (NLC) for drug delivery of Anticancer Drugs   SuperVisor

Course: B.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
11 Abasat Rahmani January  2002B.Sc, Chemistry Studies on Cobalt extraction with different Ligands  
10 Masoume Mohammadi August  2004B.Sc, Chemistry Leaching of cobalt cake and Investigation of Parameters effecting Co extraction    SuperVisor
9 Mariam Tarigholi August  2004B.Sc, Chemistry Extraction and Separation of cobalt from Co cake and Recovery of Zinc   SuperVisor
8 Hdi Yavarizade August  2005B.Sc, Chemistry Extractive-Spectrophotometric Determination of Lead by 1,10 Phenantroline-Rosebengal ion pare   SuperVisor
7 Javad Ghiasi August  2005B.Sc, Chemistry Extraction of Copper(II) by Hydroxamic acid and Investigation of Synergic effect in presence of 18Crown6 and TBP    SuperVisor
6 Hamzeh Javidi February  2007B.Sc . Cemistry Liquid -liquid extraction of Pb by crown ethers   SuperVisor
5 Khosro Naderi July  2007BSc. Chemistry Extraction & Transport of Pb (II ) as Iodide by Crown Ether    SuperVisor
4 July  2007BSc. Applied chemistry Extraction of Co+2 as chloride complex by Crown ether   SuperVisor
3 Zeinab Fazli February  2014Cemistry Evaluation of sorption ability of some biomass such as Biochar and Pistatio shell as adsorbent for concentration and extraction of some environmentally harmful metal ions such as Zn, Pb, and Cd by solid phase extraction technique   SuperVisor
2 Saber Khoshnevis October  2012Cemistry Optimization removal of Nyloset Yellow as environmental pollutant from contaminated water by surfactant coated MWCNT/Fe3O4 magnetic nano composites    SuperVisor
1 Raena Toumarizadeh August  2014Cemistry Determination of Metadon by GC followed by liquid-liquid microextraction   SuperVisor



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