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Mohammad Taghi Dastjerdi

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
47 Zohreh Karimi July  2008Applied Mathematics Some Related Topics on Linear Regulator Problem in Optimal Control    SuperVisor
46 Mohammad Farrokhzadi September  2008Applied Mathematics Eigenvalues for Linear Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems on Times Scales   SuperVisor
45 Marzieh Javaheri July  2009Applied Mathematics Survey of solving methods of linear fractional programming problems with fuzzy approach   SuperVisor
44 Soghra Kazemi September  2009Applied Mathematics Stability for linear dynamic systems on times scales   SuperVisor
43 Mojtaba Ammarloo September  2009Applied Mathematics Extending and analyzing a new neural network for solving nonlinear projection equations and applications   SuperVisor
42 Zahra Poursepahi Samian December  2009Applied Mathematics Stability and Oscillation of Delay Difference and Differential Equations   SuperVisor
41 Hamid Reza Jalalian September  2010Applied Mathematics Fuzzy Logic Controller in Robotics   SuperVisor
40 Tahereh Samsami October  2010Applied Mathematics Dynamic Programming for Constrained Optimal Contrl of Linear Hybrid Systems   SuperVisor
39 Maryam Ghorbani December  2010Applied Mathematics Optimal Control in Linear Volterra Systems   SuperVisor
38 Leila Karimi December  2010Applied Mathematics Two Objective Optimal Ripple - Free Deadbeat Control   SuperVisor
37 Soheila Soltani December  2010Applied Mathematics Optimal Control for Linear Time - Delay Systems   SuperVisor
36 Nayereh Zolfaghari August  2011Applied Mathematics Improved fractional Kalman filter and its applications   SuperVisor
35 Ahmad Ravanbazi August  2011Applied Mathematics Duality in fuzzy number linear programming by use of a certain linear ranking function   SuperVisor
34 fatemeh Jaberi safa August  2011Applied Mathematics Cheap control of the time - invariant regulator   SuperVisor
33 Soheila Abdeli September  2011Applied mathematics Some related topics on quarratic regulator problem in control system   SuperVisor
32 Leila Khatami September  2011Applied mathematics Stability analysis for fuzzy control systems   SuperVisor
31 Nader Beyranvand August  2011Applied Mathematics Solving fuzzy differential equations by differential transformation method   SuperVisor
30 Anwar Alibeygi August  2012Applied Mathematics Solving quadratic programming problems with neural networks   SuperVisor
29 Zeinab Shahbazi October  2012Applied Mathematics Asymptotic stability of Hopfield neural networks   SuperVisor
28 Azam Khanmohammadi October  2012Applied Mathematics Applications of neural networks in control systems   SuperVisor
27 Maryam Baghery _DECEMBER  2012Applied Mathematics Applications of neural networks for solving linear programming   SuperVisor
26 Atefeh Faraji _SEPTEMBER  2013Applied Mathematics Neural network approach for solving first order fuzzy differential equations   SuperVisor
25 Maryam Moradkhani September  2013Applied Mathematics A neural network model designing for solving nonlinear optimization problem with rear time applications   SuperVisor
24 Omran Abedi September  2013Applied Mathematics One layer recurrent neural network design for constrained pseudovonvex optimization andits applications   SuperVisor
23 Fatemeh Mahdikhani September  2013Applied Mathematics Neural network design based on mean variance skewness model for portfolio selection   SuperVisor
22 Bahareh Naseri September  2013Applied Mathematics A wavelet neural network design and its application   SuperVisor
21 Faranak Dizani October  2013Applied Mathematics A recurrent neural network design for solving nonlinear fractional programming   SuperVisor
20 Seyedeh Sargol Rastegar September  2013Applied Mathematics A dynamical model for solving quaratic minimax problems with constraints   SuperVisor
19 Zahra karimi January  2014Applied Mathematics Variation of parameters and solutions of composite products of linear differential equations   SuperVisor
18 Manijeh Rasoolkhani January  2014Applied Mathematics Solving the nonlinear poisson problems with F-Trefftz hybrid finite element method   SuperVisor
17 Zahra Bayat March  2014Applied Mathematics Radial basis function neural networks learning and its applications   SuperVisor
16 Mina Jahandideh September  2014Applied Mathematics Stability for delay integro differential equations via numerical methods   SuperVisor
15 Khadijeh Moharrami Ghaaidari September  2014Applied Mathematics Neural network approach for solving partial differential equations   SuperVisor
14 Somayeh Nahavandi pour September  2014Applied Mathematics Hopfield neural network approach for solving nonlinear algebraic equations   SuperVisor
13 Kazem Mohammadi September  2014Applied Mathematics Quadratic optimalcontrol problem using neural network   SuperVisor
12 Zahra Dehestani October  2014Applied Mathematics Optimal control of nonlinear systems using RBF neural network   SuperVisor
11 Mina Ahmadi September  2014Applied Mathematics Optimal control with constraints based on neural network   SuperVisor
10 Mina Noroozi September  2015Applied Mathematics Fuzzy graphs and fuzzy neural networks   SuperVisor
9 Narges Monavari September  2015Applied Mathematics Data clustering based on competitive learning in neural networks   SuperVisor
8 Mona Mahmood Sharifi February  2015Applied Mathematics Solution for high order differential equations by hybrid method and neural networks   SuperVisor
7 Masoomeh Samadi February  2016Applied Mathematics Fuzzy Wavelet neural network in nonlinear control systems   SuperVisor
6 Shiva Zolghadr January  2018Applied mathematics Self constructing fuzzy neural networks with extended Kalman filter   SuperVisor
5 Mehdi Adiban February  2018Applied mathematics Numerical solution for fractional optimal control problems using Genocchi polynomials operational matrix of integration and derivative   SuperVisor
4 Elham Almassi February  2018Applied mathematics Solving ordinary differential equations by Legendre neural network   SuperVisor
3 Somayyeh Ebrahimi February  2018Applied mathematics Finite time recurrent neural networks in nonlinear optimization   SuperVisor
2 Azam Khorgami Galeshi September  2018Applied mathematics Neural stable adaptive control for a class of nonlinear systems   SuperVisor
1 Elham Hadi February  2019Applied mathematics Solving differential equations of fractional order using an optimization technique based on training artifitial neural network   SuperVisor



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