Last Update: 17-12-2015
Materials and Metallurgy Engineering


With regard to the importance and role of basic and heavy industry, including the fabrication of metals, materials and industrial products in order to develop of the country and also to develop knowledge and technologies for metallurgy and materials engineering in high level education and with regard to the geopolitical situation of zanjan state in the province operation of metal mining and processing industries i.e. production of metals, alloys and industrial products, Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Zanjan University, has admitted in undergraduate level since the first semester of the academic year 1392-93.

In current, this education group only admits in the field of extractive metallurgy however, by strengthening infrastructure and laboratory facilities admission in the other fields will also be done.

Number of faculty members of the group, is now 5, as well as group uses from contribution of 2 doctoral candidates.

Group plans

  • With regard to infrastructure and laboratory facilities, establishing priority of new fields in materials science are as follows:
  • Materials Science and Engineering with a focus on industrial metallurgy in undergraduate level (B.Sc.)

Materials Science and Engineering with a focus on various fields in the master science level (M.Sc.)

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