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Vahid Rashtchi

Vahid Rashtchi; Saeed Pashai
Network Reconfiguration in Distribution Power System with Distributed Generators for Power Loss Minimization

This paper uses an ant colony search algorithm (ACSA) to solve the optimal reconfiguration in radial distribution systems with and without distributed resource (DG) for power loss reduction that determine the optimal location and size of DG according to problem constrains. The ACSA is a relatively powerful intelligence evolution method for solving optimization problems. It is a population-based approach that was inspired from natural behavior of the ant colonies on how they find the food source and bring them back to their nest by creating the unique trail formation. The ACSA applies local pheromone updating rule, and global pheromone-updating rule to promote the computation. In this paper ACSA algorithm programmed on Matlab applied to the typical distribution system 3 feeders, 17 buses and one feeder of 33 bus of IEEE distribution system. And results show the effectiveness of ACSA algorithm in solving reconfiguration problems. after that by placing DG units in buses that algorithm determines for minimum losses and sizes are according to problem constrains the effects of DG units in power losses examined.



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