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Vahid Rashtchi

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
12 Esmael Mashhadi Rezapour   2004Power Engineering Using the Genetic Algorithm Method for Parameter Identification of Transformer Detailed Model    SuperVisor
11 Mahmood Pesaran Haji-abbas   2005Power Engineering Identification of Parameters of Deep Bar Induction Motor by help of Genetic Algorithm   SuperVisor
10 Mehdi Cheraghi Sarai   2006Power Engineering Diagnostics of Eccentricities Breakages in Three Phase Induction Motors    SuperVisor
9 Mohammad Hosein Hashemi March  2007Power Engineering Accurate Modeling of the induction motor by using the winding function for analysis and evaluation of motor faults   SuperVisor
8 Hassan Bakhshi February  2007Power Engineering Identification of the Local and severity of turn to turn faults in transformer winding using intelligent methods   SuperVisor
7 Alireza Ghorbani March  2006Power Engineering Optimal design of single phase induction motor using of genetic algorithm   SuperVisor
6 Mehdi Heidari March  2008Power Engineering Optimal design of distribution transformer by using of evolutionary strategies   SuperVisor
5 Amir Safaei October  2009Electronic Engineering Design and Implementation of High power Ultrasonic Power Supply   SuperVisor
4 Majid Jafari June  2010Electronic Engineering Design and Implementaion of NURBS interpolattor for CNC machin Controller Based on FPGA   SuperVisor
3 Reza Aghmashe July  2010Power Engineering Induction Motor Fault Detection by Using of Duffing Oscillator   SuperVisor
2 Hamid Shahrouzi June  2011Electrical Engineering Parameter Identification of Transient Lumped Reduced Model of Transformer by Using of Evolutionary Algorithms   SuperVisor
1 Mohsen Nourazar March  2012Electronic Hard ware implementation of duffing oscillators for week signal detection   SuperVisor



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