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Vahid Rashtchi

Vahid.Rashtchi, Ahmad Rohani, Hossein Kord
Optimum Design and Analysis of a Hybrid Energy System Using Chaos Optimization Algorith

— This paper introduces hybrid Photovoltaic (PV)/Fuel Cell (FC) alternative energy system for stand-alone applications. A battery and a FC-electrolyser combination are used as backup and the energy storage system. The aim of this design is minimization of overall cost of generation scheme over 20 years of operation. Chaos Optimization Algorithm (COA) is introduced and used to size the system components due to its stochastic and ergodic characteristic. This kind of optimization is a novel optimization procedure that uses system operation to size the system components in order to match the load of the site in the most cost effective way. An energy based modeling has been developed using Matlab/Simulink to observe evolution of the system during a typical day, and the results are reported and discussed in the paper. An overall power management strategy is designed for the proposed system to manage power flows among the different energy sources and the storage unit in the system. Based on simulation results, it has been found that these renewable resources would be a feasible solution for distributed generation of electric power for stand-alone applications at remote locations.



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