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Taher Barzegar

محمد آزادی یزدی، محمد اسماعیل امیری، طاهر برزگر و محمد جواد روستا
بررسی واکنش خیار (رقم نگین) پیوندی روی پایه های مختلف به تنش شوری در شرایط گلخانه
Study of growth reaction of cucumber (cv Negin) grafted on the difference rootstocks  to the salinity stress in greenhouse conditions

To  evaluate  the  performance  of quantitative  and qualitative of cucumber  grafted  on  the difference  rootstocks( C.maxima × C.moshata hybrid Ferro RZ F1, Cucumis melo cv. Saderati zard and Cucumis melo cv. Hossein haji tusorkh) at different salinity levels (0, 30 and 60 mM) in the soilless culture. Operation of this research was done in  the  laboratory and  greenhouse  in National Salinity Research center  located  in  the city  of Yazd,  Iran  2012. Completely randomized design in a factorial arrangement of the experiment was performed in tree replicate. The results showed  that salinity significantly reduced fruit yield. The rootstock on the amount of leaf relative water content had no significant effect. hybrid Ferro RZ F1 rootstock on yield was higher  than the other. Chlorophyll content decreased with increasing salinity, but the Cucumis melo cv. Saderati zard on the link it was not true, but this  index  increased with  increasing  salt  concentration. The  highest  chlorophyll  content  of  cucumber was  not garfted and hybrid Ferro RZ F1 based on the level of salinity was 30 mM. Keywords:Cucumber, Grafting, Salinity, Scion.  



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