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Jafar Ghazanfarian

Nazila Nematzade, Jafar Ghazanfarian
Numerical Simulation of blood flow in radial artificial heart with splitter

Computational fluid dynamics simulation of blood flow in a two dimensional model of the Kyoto-NTN magnetically suspended centrifugal pump with a 16 straight blades has been performed. The blood was assumed as an incompressible and Newtonian fluid and the blood flow was modeled as unsteady and turbulent. Simulation results show that at the flow rate of 5 Lit/min and impeller rotating speed of 2000 RPM, the pump produces a pressure head of 15.1 kPa. The results including the static pressure distribution, velocity profile, the flow pattern, and wall shear stress distribution of the blood revealed that the double volute has caused symmetrical pressure distribution in the passages and subsequently lead to the symmetrical flow pattern in the impeller blade channels. The wall shear stresses are also greater than 150 Pa at the regions around the cutwater and splitter plates and trailing edge of the impeller blades.



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