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Jafar Ghazanfarian

Awards and Honours

2016: Winner of Sentiels of Science Award

2016: Outstanding Reviewer of "Amirkabir Mechanical Engineering Journal"

2016: Nomination of the translation of "Constructal Theory" for the best book of the year, selected among 5 final candidates.

2015: Outstanding Reviewer of "Applied Thermal Engineering"
2013: Winner of "Prof. Kazemi Ashtiani award" from Iranian national committee of elite student.
2012: Selected as the "Professor of the Year" by students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zanjan.
2011: The highest overall GPA among all students of Ph.D. of mechanical engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology from the beginning.
2011: Chosen as the graduated outstanding PhD student at Amirkabir University of Technology.
2008-present: A member of Iranian national committee of elite students.
2007: Ranked 1st  among all MSc students of thermo-fluid at Amirkabir University of Technology.
2007: Chosen as the graduated outstanding MSc student at Amirkabir University of Technology.




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