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Hassan Shayani-jam

Salar Bahrami, Leila Dolatyari,  Hassan Shayani-Jam, Mohammad Reza Yaftian
Membrane extraction of V(V) by an oleic acid plasticized poly(vinyl chloride)/Aliquat® 336 polymer inclusion membrane

Polymer inclusion membranes (PIMs) have received much attention as a greener method than other liquid membranes for the separation of a great number of chemical species. The expected horizon of industrial applications besides the advantages of greener characteristics of PIMs than other liquid membranes and solvent extraction methods, have resulted in development of the new PIMs for specific tasks. In the presented study, a PIM composed of polyvinyl chloride, Aliquat® 336, and oleic acid (50/40/10 wt%, respectively) is fabricated and its characteristics are studied. Membrane segments (3.5 cm diameter, 0.110 ± 0.013 g) can extract 73% of V(V) (initial concentration 50 mg L-1) from 50 ml Na2SO4 solution (0.1 M) adjusted to pH 2.5 after 8 h shaking. The extraction is proceeded by an anion exchange mechanism in which chloride anion of the extractant is replaced by VO2SO4. It is approved that 97% of the extracted amount of V(V) is back-extracted from the loaded PIMs by contacting them, for 24 h, with 50 ml 7 mol L-1 H2SO4/0.25 v/v% of H2O2. The PIM extracts selectively V(V) from the simulated solutions like that obtained by digestion of spent alumina hydrodesulfurization catalysts. 



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