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Vahid Rashtchi

Rashtchi V.; Rahimpour E.; Fotoohabadi H.
Parameter identification of transformer detailed model based on chaos optimisation algorithm

The R-L-C-M model of power transformer is obtained from geometrical structure and is extremely appropriate for studying transient phenomena in a transformer and detecting mechanical faults. The precision of this model depends strongly on the precision of its parameters. The accuracy of these parameters that are calculated by analytical formulae is limited due to different reasons. In this paper a chaos optimization algorithm (COA) is introduced as a method to identify the parameters of R-L-C-M model, which represents the transient behavior of power transformer more accurate than the model based on calculated parameters using analytical formulae. With applying an experimental test on a proper test object, not only the validity and accuracy of the proposed method are verified, but also COA is compared with one other optimization method referred to as real code genetic algorithm (RCGA).



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