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Jafar Ghazanfarian

 J. Ghazanfarian and A. Abbassi
Reply to “Comment on ‘Heat transfer and fluid flow in microchannels and nanochannels at high Knudsen number using thermal lattice-Boltzmann method”’ 

In this reply to the Comment by Li-Shi Luo, we discuss the results of the latticeBhatnagar-Gross-Krook (LBGK) model for high-Knudsen-number (Kn) flow and heat transfer, in the range of Kn  1.We present various studies employing theLBGKmodel for high-Kn flowand heat transfer simulations. It is concluded that, with the use of the LBGK model in the thermal lattice Boltzmann method for Kn  0.8, some approximations appear in the negative pressure deviation from the linear distribution along the channel. But for Kn < 0.8, the velocity and temperature profiles, compressibility effects, Knudsen layer capturing, and Knudsen paradox phenomenon can be predicted by the LBGK model. We also reject Li-Shi Luo’s claim about the nonconvergence of our numerical scheme by presenting a velocity profile across the channel corresponding to three different high-resolution meshes.



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