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Jafar Ghazanfarian

J. Ghazanfarian and A. Abbassi 
 Mixed Convection in a Square Cavity Filled with a Porous Medium and Different Exit Port Position

This article presents a two-dimensional finite difference numerical model of steady laminar mixed convection inside a square vented cavity filled with a fluid-saturated porous medium for different outlet port positions. It was assumed that one of the vertical walls is at constant temperature, while the remaining walls are perfectly insulated (adiabatic). Forced convection was imposed at the inlet port fixed at the bottom surface and vented through the exit port. The exit port position was allowed to vary. A powerful, accurate numerical algorithm was introduced to solve the governing equations. This method has some advantages, such as high speed of convergence, high accuracy, and simplicity. It is concluded that the maximum overall heat transfer of the cavity is achieved when the exit port is located in the upper right corner, while minimum heat transfer is observed when the outlet port is located in the both the upper right or lower left corner.



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