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Jafar Ghazanfarian

R. S. Samian, A. Abbassi, J. Ghazanfarian
Transient Conduction Simulation of a Nano-scale Hotspot using Finite Volume Lattice Boltzmann Method
شبیه سازی گذرای هدایت حرارتی نقطه داغ در ابعاد نانو  به کمک روش حجم محدود بولترزمن شبکه ای

This paper uses the finite volume lattice Boltzmann method (FVLBM) to simulate the transient heat conduction from macro-to nano-scale corresponding to Kn=0.01-10. This model is used for two dimensional (2D) transient hotsopt modeling. The results of the diffusive regime are compared with those of the Fourier law as a model of continuum mechanics and an excellent agreement is found in this regime. After the validation of model for the case of Kn=0.01, it has been used for high-Knudsen number simulations and a test case with Kn=10 is studied. By increasing the Knudsen number from 0.01 up to 10, the transition from totally diffusive to totally ballistic behavior has been discussed and the wave-feature of heat transport through the solid material has been investigated.        



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